All the Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Genre: Fiction, Historical Fiction, War

**spoiler alert**

Seriously though, I’m never going to learn my lesson, am I? Time and time again I have told myself not to finished a book before I go to sleep, no matter how interesting that book maybe, but I’ve never been known for listening to advice, so against my own best judgement I finished this book last night; next thing I know, I was damaged beyond repair.

This book is MAGNIFICENT!!!! I might be bias when I say this, because (1) I am a fan of historical fiction, (2) I like male authors, (3) I like WWII history; regardless of those irrelevant reasons, this book is literally MAGNIFICENT!!!! Where do I start? The characters? Loved it! All the characters seems to be really alive and believable; come on, are people seriously telling me they’re not scared every time that Bastian show up with his stupid question of ’who here is the weakest?

The story? OH MY GOD!!!! AMAZING!!!!!! I knew I was going to like this story even more when I read that folk tale about the Prince in Borneo and about the Sea of Flame!

I would totally recommend this book to those who likes historical fiction or simply to anyone who wants to have a nice read but really is looking to be swayed away into this magical place called Saint-Malo.

Putting other things aside, WHATEVER THE F HAPPENED TO WERNER?? I know, I know that they said he was dead, I mean who would ever survive after stepping on a landmine, right? But, I would like to believe that Werner had the Sea of Flame when he walked to the land mine and survived it all. I mean he was just a small kid from a small town with a big dream, got tangled in the war; surely he doesn’t have to go like that, right? But to actually believe that Werner survived the blast because he had the Sea of Flame is to believe that the curse is real; if the curse is real and Werner does live, doesn’t that mean all the person he holds dear should die? But I don’t see Frau Elena, Jutta, or Marie-Laure died? So, does that mean the stone is nothing more than just a stone? Or Werner never did have the stone to begin with? Then again, why did he come back to the Grotto and retrieve the model house, exchange the contents and not keep the stone? Why did he also kept the key in the model house? Also, WHY THE F DOES WERNER STILL WEARS HIS GERMAN UNIFORM IF HE COULD JUST BORROW MARIE-LAURE’S GRANDFATHER’S CLOTHES AND JUST SURVIVE EVERYTHING WITH MARIE-LAURE? Why? A part of me would say that because Werner knew that only cowards would desert like that, and he is a good person indeed. I JUST F-ing WISH ALL THE GOOD PERSON DOESN’T HAVE TO SUFFER THE MOST!!!

Okay, I am a bit calm now. Honestly though, finishing this magnificent book in the middle of a very cold night in Seoul and ending up not knowing whatever happened to Marie-Laure’s father, or whether or not Werner is alive (I still want to believe he did survive and live a quiet life probably somewhere in Saint-Malo), and getting hurt beyond repair over what had happened to Frederick just was a deadly combination for a restless sleep.

Even with so many heartbreak accumulating after I finished the book, I still love this book nonetheless because it made me invest a lot; that, my friend, is one of the few recipe for a good book (according to me).


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