Love Letters to the Dead, by Ava Dellaira

Rating: ⭐️⭐️

Genre: Fiction, Young Adult, Contemporary

**spoiler alert**

I wanted to like this book, I really do. I mean, the whole concept is something that I liked and intrigues me, the choices of songs that were mentioned in this book was also very nice, but I just couldn’t make myself liked it the way I had hoped the first time I saw this book.

I also can’t help thinking that this whole story was a rip-off from Stephen Chbosky’s The Perks of Being a Wallflower; from the main character, the feeling of being a castaway in a new school, the newly-met friends, the being friends with a senior, the hooking up with someone not from his/her freshman year, the dark past of being molested, and the part of experiencing drinking and the whatnots (but then, I figured that Stephen himself had helped the author in writing this book, so maybe it was a mere coincidence?)

The difference though, I can like and sympathise with Charlie from The Perks of Being a Wallflower, but I seem to be irked a lot by how Laurel was acting throughout this book. There was some part that I begin to like this book and thought that maybe this was a good book after all, but by the time I finished it, all I can feel was the feeling of being so exhausted from reading this book; I was drained out of my energy.

Later on the day after I made up my mind that I don’t like this book, I began to come to a thought that maybe this book as whole might not be my favourite, but the subtle things that made up the characters might be something that I like and that I applaud the author for. When you look back to all the characters, you can see how selfish humans are; how selfish every single one of the characters in this book were. Laurel with her ‘please pitied me because I have some dark past and I lost a sister but I’m going to be a freaking annoying person by being mysterious and whatever’, Hannah with her ‘I’m gay but I’m scared of how people would perceive it so I’m going to keep my gay crush at bay but I’ll be screwing different guys with not a single care to my crush’s feelings’, Natalie with ‘I’m gay and I like my best friend, so I don’t care whether or not she’s afraid of coming out, I will pressure her nonetheless’, Tristan with his ‘I don’t want to go to college and I don’t give care if my girlfriend thinks otherwise’, Kristen with her ‘I’m going to NYC and I will make my boyfriend go to college regardless of what he wants’, Sky with his ‘I love my ex-girlfriend but it’s hard to move on so I’m going to screw around with random girls in front of her’, May with her ‘Oh my parents are divorcing, let’s just go and date some random older guys and leave my baby sister in the hands of a random stranger while I go and fool around with my older boyfriend’, and many many many many more proofs of how people are bottomline selfish and that no one is better than anyone else.

Whatever people might say about this book, I stand by my review, I don’t like it and I can’t help but comparing this book to The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and the latter is obviously better than the former.

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