Life After Life, by Kate Atkinson

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Genre: Fiction, Historical Fiction, Fantasy

**spoiler alert**

Oh boy, was I glad I decided to keep reading this book until the finished rather than be tempted to read another book (like I usually do). First off, I decided to read this book during my obsession moment after I finished All the Light That We Cannot See but I didn’t actually read the book later on. I had high expectation of this book, and then I got thrown out of a plane when I read this book. It was disappointing to say the least; and boring to say the most.

I get the gist that Ursula can always repeat her life every time she dies, but it was not until she was raped by Howie and lead a rather sad and gloomy life, and dies in the hands of her abusive husband, Derek. That was after 4 days into reading this book that I finally get the gist on how the chapters of this book actually works, and that also when I got hooked up immediately with this book. I literally refuse to put this book down; if not for the notion that I might finish this book sooner than I had expected, I literally would not stop reading this book.

Alas, even though I really like this book, I still can’t get used to the way the author is telling the story. At some point, she would cut a sentence into many sentences, but other time, there would be a sentence without an ending whatsoever. It was so exhausting. What annoys me the most was the fact that within a story, she would leapt to another story and then back to square one, all in the span of a chapter. Good Lord, it took me another day to actually to get used to that and not get lost into confusion with this story.

All in all, this was a very fun read and if anyone out there is interested in historical fiction or just finished reading All the Light We Cannot See, feel free to pick this book; though I still think All the Light We Cannot See was still better. Moving on, I used to think that this book was about Ursula getting more chances in living her life to fix what was wrong in her life (for instance, when she was raped, or when she drowned, or when her daughter died), but by the time the book ended, I can’t help but think that when Ursula finally realise her power, she went back to change the course of history only to save his brother Teddy, which I thought was very sweet.

There something about the way the author portray Teddy that I can’t help myself but fall for Teddy and wished nothing but his safety, even though he rarely pops up in the book, compared to Pamela for instance. What I expect more from this story was the closure for that weird limping man who presumably killed little Angela and Nancy (in an alternate universe). I want an answer and closure about this man!

To sum it up, if ever you decided to read this book, have faith in the story; if ever you feel like giving up because you’re confuse, have faith that it’ll get better because it would. I was so glad that I keep pushing myself to read this book, or else I might have missed out on one of the greatest book I have ever read, so far.


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