A Little History of the World, by E. H. Gombrich

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Genre: History

This is the kind of book that when you looked at the blurbs and you can trust them for it. I picked this book up simply because I like history and it would be interesting to have just one book but you will get to learn a lot about the world’s history from it (albeit just a little part of it). The first few paragraphs of this book is what hooked me up the most. It was simple in a way that any school kid who hates history would love history now (little did I know, that this book was actually intended for children).

After finishing this book, I did get the impression that this book did not come close to being a book about history of the world as it strictly limited to western history, but it does not mean it’s a bad thing. The author himself was from Austria and this was a book that was written during (or after or probably before) the second world war, hence it might not have been an easy feat to actually covers the whole world’s history, but he did a great job with a little coverage on India, China, and Japan.

What’s to like about this book is the language. The way the author tells the story, it does not feel like a tedious history book. And this was something that could not have easily achieved without a good translator as this book was not originally written in English; so I would like to appreciate both the author and the translator for bringing this book to life and making me fell in love with history once more. This book not only taught me history (albeit just a small part, leaving my curiosity to take over should I found a topic that interest me), it also taught me about humanity, something that most people are lacking in this modern age. Every step of the way, the author never fails to raise the reader’s awareness about the humanity’s aspect of the history being told.

Though this might not be a perfect book for history (but then again, what book is perfect when it comes to telling history? There will always be new findings being made, new discoveries to be told, and new events to be recorded), but this comes close to a perfect book for children and adults alike. I consider myself one of the lucky ones to actually stumble upon this book, as this was a very fun read for me.


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