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The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Genre: Fiction, Children’s, Classics

Okay, I’m going to be completely honest here. I have never in my 27 years of my life read this book. I was too ignorant to actually ever heard of this book, and when I did heard about it, I was too much of an obnoxious brat to actually wanted to read it. Yeah, I am that much annoying. But this year, I have decided that I am going to finally read this book, I wanted to know why people were literally obsessed with it. I even had a friend who vowed to actually owned every single The Little Prince book in every language available.

The first few chapters that I have read were like a huge slap in the face. Without realising it, I have become the very image of an adult that I despise so much when I was a kid. It was a huge wake up call. I don’t want to be an adult that forgets about what it was like being a kid. And I was so mad that I have forgotten that very fact. More so than that, without knowing I felt like I was being ‘tamed’ by the little Prince. I develop some sort of closeness to his character, and I felt a huge pang when the little Prince decided to leave his planet. But, it was nothing compared to the last three chapters.

By the time I have finished this book, I was overwhelmed with many emotions. From sadness, relief, happiness, calmness and generally like someone just punch you in the gut and you start seeing stars. It was a perfect combination of everything that is pleasant and painful. And now I might understand a little bit as to why people love this book so much, because I am now jumping on that wagon, I am in love with this book, this story, the little Prince and everything in it.

I have to admit that my three favourite characters in this book is (obviously) the little Prince, the Fox and the Snake. I was in the impression that maybe the Prince could actually meet the Fox before he left planet Earth, alas we can’t always have what we want. I am definitely going to have another read of this book again, sometime before this year ends.

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