Big Fish, by Daniel Wallace

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Genre: Fantasy, Fiction, Contemporary

**spoiler alert**

Okay, call me ignorant but I have never knew that Big Fish, as one of my favourite movie, was actually from a book. Alas, when I knew about this, I decided to read it to see if it has the same effect with the movie. I have to say that it was a weird start for me when I read the first few paragraphs, and it grew weirder as I move along. I guess that’s the whole point of the book. Probably the weird feeling I got was because I saw the movie first and I was deeply affected by the movie, so there was this sense of predictability as I was reading the book; I thought that I would have known the entire story already for already seeing the movie, and when it did not turned out to be like the one in the movie, I spent the entire time trying to found the difference rather than immersing myself with the story.

Furthermore, I seem to dislike the fact that I felt that movie Edward was so different with book Edward. With all of his quirkiness and over the top gesture of movie Edward, I found a nice, loving, and caring man behind it all; a man who loves his wife more than anything, a man who loves life, a man who loves his son through his majestic stories about life, a man who loves people and the relationship it brings. I can’t help but fell in love with movie Edward the same way that everyone who met movie Edward fell in love with him. In a way, I was expecting book Edward to be like him, but he wasn’t and it shattered me. Book Edward seems to be a ladies’ man, for God sake, he had an affair with another woman! He left his wife and his son a lot, simply because he can’t seem to stay in the same place for a long time. Book Edward seems like a man who does thing without thinking first. But, by the end of the book, I became more accepting towards book Edward as he seems more human with all his flaws and faults as a man and as a father.

Both movie and book brought me to tears, for two very different reasons. The movie version brought me to tears when Will and Edward was arguing over how Will wanted Edward to show Will who Edward really is, and Edward shouted back by saying that he has been nothing but himself since the day he was born and if Will could not see that, it’s Will’s failing. I found it very painful for a sickly father to actually heard that even his own son doesn’t see him for who he really is, but it was also painful to see how all these times Will never wanted the grand stories that his father gave him, he wants nothing but for his father to just be a father without any larger than life aspect of himself. The book brought me to tears as Will has come to acceptance about his father and in ways how his father would eventually left this earth, and how despite his young age (I think book Will was way younger than movie Will) he eventually knew all the good intention and the jokes and the stories that his father had given him. The moment Will let go of his father really shattered me.

For what it’s worth, the book was a solid book. I love all the stories and the jokes and the voice of Will, who (again) despite being younger than movie Will seems to be wiser than movie Will. I liked how everything was left hanging in the book rather than having it explained like in the movie. All in all both book and movie will always held a special place in my heart.

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