A God in Ruins, by Kate Atkinson

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Genre: Fiction, Historical Fiction, War

OH MY GOD!!!!! I was so glad for the first time ever to learned from past experience not to finish a perfectly good book in the middle of the night, because most of the time, it only resulted with me getting all depressed and sleepless. I was really tempted to finish this book last night, but then considering this book and my attachment to Teddy was like my attachment to Werner from All the Light We Cannot See, I knew better to postponed it until tomorrow.

I saw this book after I was stumbling around goodreads looking for a new book to read. I was beyond ecstatic that there was a companion book to Life After Life, and this was a book focusing on Teddy. Teddy was a huge part to Ursula’s life and eventually became one of the major reason why Ursula decided to redo some parts of her life, it was to bring Teddy back; naturally to have a book telling the story of Teddy was definitely something I am excited about.

All I knew about this book was that this was going to be about Teddy, and just before I read the book I decided to see some snippets about this book. One of the most memorable thing about this book is that it says it’s about Teddy who is living in a future he never expected to have. The more I thought about it, it must have been a hard life for Teddy. All this time, I always thought the hardest part about surviving war is the PTSD, but it had never occurred to me that surviving a war that you are sure you would not survive is also hard.

The more I read this book, the more I felt a very strong compassion towards Teddy. He was in a war; he was fighting in that war and he was convinced that he would not be alive to survive the war, but then he did and he didn’t know what to make of it except to keep on living it day-to-day waiting when his life would run out. I thought about it a lot; what if I never plan a future for myself? Or what if I was convinced that I was not worthy of a future? But then, there I was standing alive and as real as I am in the future. What to make of it? Surely, I would be more than perplexed. All of Teddy’s experience, even to his very last days really made me reconsider my life right now and how I will make do for a future that I may or may not be worthy of. Future is something that is best not disturb, as no one can be sure whether or not there will be one for oneself.

Kate Atkinson still amazes me with her way of writing. Here’s a tip, if this is your first Atkinson book, don’t stop reading this book until you’re used to her way of writing, or else you’ll feel peeved enough to not want to continue reading it. That is exactly what happened to me during Life After Life, but trust me, the moment you kept on reading this book, you’ll be so hooked by Atkinson’s way of writing and you just can’t possibly stop. At least, I can’t.

The pace of this book is just amazing! There is no other way this story could get any better if it weren’t for the pace, which at times felt very slow and seems like it’s stalling until the bomb is dropped, but it made the element of surprise even more amazing. What’s even more amazing are the characters! I love it when the characters in the book that I’m reading are able to make me feel. Seriously, every single one of the characters in this book  really toyed with my feelings a lot. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. THEM. Even more so than the characters in Life After Life, although it’s the same characters with some newly added ones.

Well, I have no other things to say except that PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE PICK THIS BOOK UP AND READ IT! I SWEAR YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. Just a tad bit to show you how much I had enjoyed this book, I freaking cry at freaking six in the evening by the time I finished this book. I went full-blown crying and sobbing, and I just couldn’t stop myself. I was just broken beyond repair. Don’t get me wrong, although I cried like a wreck, this book ended beautifully. I could not have expect it any other way. Totally a recommended piece.


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