Ayoade on Ayoade, by Richard Ayoade

Rating: ⭐️⭐️

Genre: Nonfiction, Humour, Biography

I love Richard Ayoade! He is such an entertaining man and I like the fact that it seems like he doesn’t even have to try that hard to be funny. I can watch and rewatch every single shows that has Richard Ayoade in it and still enjoy it as if it was the first time I watch it. That is how much I like him, so when I knew about this book it was like a given fact that of course I will be reading it. But, me being me, I tend to always make a terrible mistake by just assuming about something and take it as the truth.

Anyone with a good pair of eyes would know that this book would most probably be about things related to cinema (or at least about how Richard Ayoade’s take on cinema), but not me though. I assume this was going to be a book where Richard Ayoade is going to go on a rant about basically anything (most probably cinema), alas this was literally about cinema and honestly it was not an interesting topic for me as I’m not much of a cinema person, let alone talking about it.

Don’t fret about it, although the whole theme was not to my interest, Richard Ayoade’s quirky way of writing this book got me hooked and feeling weird at certain times, but this was also a double edge sword because at times it felt somewhat tiring and I felt like I just want to end this book; it was too much. Thankfully the pace was a quick one, a trait that somehow I felt was very Richard Ayoade, he just dwell into things and get it all done with, yet the last part of the book was too boring and too much to handle for my liking. Overall I wouldn’t say I enjoy this book very much although, admittedly, there was some parts that I did like, it’s just not my cup of tea.

Before I end it, I would just like to say that the two points rating I gave for this book does not mean that this was a crappy book, if anything I was the crappy reader for not enjoying a book about cinema (again, I still think it was my fault for actually thinking that this book might be about something else other than cinema). But, if you’re into cinema (or you’re a massive cinemagoer), feel free to read this book because there are some good points about making movies or stuff (rest assure, these so-called point were very Richard Ayoade-like, as in you’ll end up asking yourself whether or not he meant any of the things he mentioned in the book).


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