The Girl with All the Gifts, by M. R. Carey

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Genre: Fiction, Science Fiction, Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic, Thriller

**spoiler alert**

I can’t really remember what makes me want to read this book, I just remember how much I’ve loved every minute that I spent reading it! I kid you not, I don’t usually picked a science fiction book, mostly because it’s just too complicated for my taste, but this book was different. I also loved (well maybe not loved, more like I am amazed with) all the characters involved.

The whole time I was reading this book, I can’t help but became a bit overly anxious about the possibility of a zombie outbreak (oh, boo hoo this is not a spoiler, surely by now everyone must know this book is about zombie, or hungries in this book’s case). I used to think anything remotely close to zombies are stupid and ridiculous, I mean, what are the odds of a zombie outbreak to actually happen in real life? Thanks to this book, for a moment I thought it is very highly for a zombie outbreak to occur, especially in big crowded cities (gosh dang it, all the more reason to move to a suburban place or the countryside).

I love the author’s way of telling the story, I seriously can’t put this book down. Even as I have finished the book, I can’t believe that I had actually devour an entire 100 or so pages and not feel tired whatsoever, simply because the words are spellbinding and it kept you tied up in the story that you simply can’t and won’t stop reading. I have to say and be honest though, the parts where it gets a bit scientific is such a big pass for me because my brain is not wired for stuffs like that but other than that everything is perfect.

Honestly, the pace is very slow especially when you were led to believe that the whole goal was to get to Beacon only to know that that’s not how things are going to end. Even though it was a slow pace book, I believe that it’s the perfect pace as you don’t get the feeling that the author was trying to stall time, it’s just that many things had to happened in that span of time. The plot development of this book is something that is definitely not a disappointing matter; I can’t believe it’s just a span of less than a week that you could have this much plot development and it felt perfectly normal.

Now, on to my favourite part, the characters. When I first read the book, I was half expecting that I would love Melanie, as she was the main character, and although I did like her, she didn’t became my favourite character of all but I did respect the development of her character from the first page to the last few parts of the book. My favourite character in the end was Private Gallagher; he was some sort of goody two shoes and he does things as were told, yet he took the initiative to befriend Melanie and to actually sacrifice himself because he can’t kill the children hungries. It was such a bummer he couldn’t stay long enough to be part of Melanie and Miss Justineau’s plan for the future; I have full confidence he made a good assistant to both of them. I can’t, for the life of me, understand what was the whole point of including Private Gallagher’s fear of his past in the story (especially if he wasn’t going to survive anyway).

Second favourite character, surprisingly, is a tie between Sergeant Parks and Dr Caldwell. Sure Dr Caldwell is a heartless woman that only sees the children hungries as no more than a subject test (for God sake, she saw off the head of a child hungry with her bloodied hand), but she meant well (of course, the end should not justify the means) because she was trying to find the answer to the pandemic and the cure for the world, she was merely being a scientist amidst the whole wreckage of what was once a normal world she lived in. As for Sergeant Parks, I admire his effort in keeping everyone safe and getting everyone to Beacon even after so-many challenges and attacks and (more than once) the stupid actions done by the rest of the group (hint: everyone except for Melanie screwed the team and cause Sergeant Parks a whole lot of stress).

My least favourite character is obviously none other than Miss Justineau, and it irks me that she got to survive until the end. I get that she’s the good guy and she wanted to save Melanie (which I appreciate), but she’s being irrational at times and almost caused endless stream of troubles for everyone involves. Now, the question is, whatever happened to the rest of the hungries that haven’t died yet?


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