Only Ever Yours, by Louis O’Neill

Rating: ⭐️

Genre: Fiction, Young Adult, Dystopian

Read from: 25 – 26 August 2015

Ugh! The worst book I have ever read this year, and I thought this year I will be given a chance to read good books. Ugh! Just UGH! The thing is, I am so mad because this book actually has an interesting concept. I kid you not, everything about this book screams interesting, but then when the story actually going? OH GOOD GOD! WHAT IN GOD’S NAME WAS THAT? What a horrible storytelling that was. I haven’t even seen the half of it and I was already tempted to give up.

Okay, the thing that annoys me the most is the narration! I can’t, for the life of me, enjoys the story with that kind of storytelling. How could someone as bland as Freida could exist? She is, by far, the most cringe worthy character that I have ever read from this year. I know that Freida is merely a creation, so that explains how she seems to be incapable of free thinking, but her lack of personality and/or identity is just unforgivable! Look at the other Eves (yes, these women that are basically created instead of naturally born are called Eves), even they have some sort of identity, however superficial it was.

The second annoying thing is the overly detailed description of basically almost everything in the book.Ugh! I get that the author wants to help the reader in imagining what is going on or what the setting looks like, but the author’s overly detailed description feels like it’s just an act of wasting words to fill some empty pages. Now, don’t get me wrong, although I still stand by my judgement about how horrible this book was, I would like to convey my appreciation for the unique premise of the story. It was a promising premise, and I also would like to think that in a way the author was trying to be satire by portraying how these Eves were no more than an object solely for males to use (which is something that looks so much like today, in a way), but reading this was definitely a hard work for me.

One thing that I also appreciate was the plot twist at the end of the story, which finally explains why Freida is like that, but then again that particular plot twist just made the feeling of “what is the purpose of the story?” even more severe. With that, I would like to say that I will not be recommending this book to anyone.

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