To read or not to read?

If that was the question, of course the answer is to read But, what if the question is to read for fun or to not read for fun? Or, what if the question is to read for fun or to read for thesis? Given the option, I would always go for fun reading, but the option is not freely my own, I have my responsibility and future on the line.

I’m on my last semester here in Seoul, and I am also in the midst of writing my thesis. Last semester, I thought I can still pursue my fun reading with reading for thesis, but as Fall Semester starts that does not seem to be the case anymore. I have three courses that I need to finish by this year while simultaneously writing my thesis; knowing that I am not a very good (if not at all) multi tasker, it really is not an easy task.

I took courses on Conflict Analysis & Development StrategiesUnderstanding Civil Societies in East Asia, and International Dispute Settlement, of which requires me to submit term paper for each of the classes by the end of the semester, this does not include the ever so many reading requirements that I need to do prior to the class as all the classes are exclusively seminar classes. Between the ever so many reading requirements, I also have to do a multitude of reading for my thesis, so that only means one thing.

I need to forego my reading for fun in the mean time; at least until the end of the year when hopefully by then I have finished all my courses and thesis defense. Not only is school is very demanding this semester, I also have to organise my time well to start packing some of my stuffs and to make an appointment with a cargo shipping company to have my belongings ship back home. Ugh! I really can’t do this multitasking thing. God be with me this semester, amen!

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