Why stories about wars interests me? I have no idea myself.

I’m currently reading Testament of Youth by Vera Brittain, for three weeks already and I have just reached half of the book. I was kind of hoping I would be finished with this book by now, but turns out it was harder than I have expected. I picked up this book while I was surfing through Youtube and I stumble upon a trailer of a movie adaptation of this book; seeing that stories that occur during the wars always interests me, I thought I’ll give myself a go with this book.

Turns out, the timing was very wrong. I picked this book four days before Fall semester (which happens to be my last semester of graduate school); so what happens then this book got neglected quite a lot of the times, as I have so many school readings that I have to do. But, I shall not worry about finishing this book as this book is definitely quite interesting (if you can ignore how Vera Brittain can seem quite self-absorbed and self-righteous at times).

During 2015, I have read several books (I think, two non fictions and one historical fiction) that occur in the first world war, and so far those books had not been a disappointment. In case anyone is interested, the books that I read were Life After Life (by Kate Atkinson, this book span from the first world war to the second world war), The Romanov Sisters (by Helen Rappaport, this was a non fictional work of the lives of the Romanov Sisters; admittedly there’s only a small glimpse of the first world war which was at the end of the book but it was still interesting to see the life of the OTMA sisters before the outbreak of the first world war that would eventually bring the downfall of the imperial family), Nicholas and Alexandra (by Robert K. Massie, this was a nonfictional work of the life of both the Tsar Nicholas II and his wife but it was pretty interesting to see how the outbreak of the first world war affects the couple and their family as their monarchy fell), and The Lost Crown (by Sarah Miller, this was a historical fiction about the OTMA sisters, and although it almost did not focus much on the first world war it was still interesting to see the life of the two eldest sisters’ life as they work as a nurse for the injured soldiers).


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