#MovieMonday: Testament of Youth

  1. What an amazing cinematography! You can almost feel the blinding light of the sun and the sweet embrace of a blossoming love. It has never occurred to me how beautiful a touch of fingers it is for someone in love, until I saw it came to life in this movie.
  2. Such great acting performance by Alicia Vikander, Kit Harington, Taron Egerton, Colin Morgan, and Hayley Atwell. Their body language was impeccable, it’s like they don’t even have to utter any single word and their body or their expression is enough to make you feel many emotions all at once.
  3. The costume, though! What? Is that for real? Everything is just beautiful. Get me one of the dresses that Alicia Vikander has in the movie. It’s modest but fashionable at the same time.
  4. What is this? I can’t take this much sadness. Ugh! No! No! I don’t want to cry.. Oh wait! I already did. Damn you, movie!
  5. Why is there not more scene of Edward? There should be more scene of Edward. At the very least, show us the scene when Edward got awarded with an M.C. Or at least a mere mention of him getting an M.C.
  6. What? This is not right! Vera was suppose to be the one who receives the news about Edward; not their father! You ruined the significance of it! Ugh, I am now pissed.
  7. I feel like this movie overlooks Vera and Edward’s relationship. Like, I get that it seems that they are close and that they took care of each other as best as they could, but their relationship was more just than that. This was suppose to be the base of the whole entire movie.
  8. Okay, I am definitely disappointed with the movie now.
  9. Taron Egerton did a good job at portraying Edward; he should have been given more scene as Edward.
  10. Taron Egerton and Alicia Vikander have a great chemistry as brother and sister, and I am still pissed that Vera and Edward’s relationship were not covered as much in this movie. For God sake! You have two great actors that has good chemistry to portray it!
  11. Okay, Vera’s speech about not wanting any more war redeemed this movie; I don’t hate it as much.
  12. Wait, what? What the actual F? Did the movie just made the allusion of how Vera had already met George Catlin before they eventually got married? (The officer that Vera meets when she was looking into information about how Roland died was called George Catlin, right? Gosh! This is disappointing. It was not like that at all!)
  13. I get that in adapting a book into a movie some parts needs to be altered, but come the f on! This was not a fictional work nor was this a movie that were created based on an event; this was a movie that was adapted from someone’s memoir, the least you could do is not to add or change some major part of the story. Ugh!!!

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