What’s a movie monday?

Unoriginal as it is, I have decided that I will be posting something under the category of Movie Monday, in which I will be watching a movie and post my thoughts that occur during the said movie. It has come to my attention that although I am not much of a moviegoer, I do enjoy watching a movie once in awhile; it has also brought upon me that I always make commentary (that at times are definitely uncalled for) while I’m watching a movie, therefore I decided to write down all of these commentaries for future references (whatever that might be is still up for debate).

So, if by some miracle chance you have stumbled upon this blog and wonder what is movie monday, well it’s basically one of the many habits that I picked up along the way and will try my best to keep on doing it. But, do not mistake movie monday with movie reviews; although I like to think I do make a decent book reviews here and there, I have absolutely no idea how to make a movie review, therefore I would like to reiterate that movie monday is not a movie review whatsoever, it is only a collection of thoughts and/or commentaries that occur during the said movie.

So, I hope this answers the question of what is movie monday. Until then, I will be posting another Movie Monday, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, right after this post.



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