#MovieMonday: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl


  1. I’m most definitely sure that I would not have survived high school if ever I was in Schenley High School.. or I would, but I’d be like Ill Phil (minus addicted to drug part).
  2. Tha cat is hella cute. All hail Cat Stevens.
  3. What teacher wears Sunglasses in class?
  4. I love how the camera shoots the entire movie; feels artistic without having to be all pretentious-like.
  5. How could Rachel watched a movie on her laptop without earphone whatsoever in public? Would people be annoyed by it? Or, what? Does she watched the movie in mute or something?
  6. Love the songs selection, highly recommending myself to go look for the soundtrack.
  7. I like book Earl, but, damn son, movie Earl does not disappoint at all.
  8. You have to promise me you’re not gonna have a baby unless you’re ready to love that baby’s mother your whole life. And this is serious.” – Rachel’s mom.
  9. (The rest of my thoughts are a blur after that, because the movie is too sad. I mean, the book is pretty sad and tragic, but the movie just so sad, I had to spend the entire time wiping away my tears. I am a sucker for sad movie where people don’t actually bawled up crying.)

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