Should I or should I not buy another ebook reader?

Are you one of those people who hates others who reads with an ebook reader? Because if you do, then this post is of no use to you.

Let me start with a story of how I became an ebook reader user (is that even the correct term?). I grew up in Indonesia, which happens to be a country where books are freakishly expensive (I mean, imported books), and if that is not bad enough, you can’t actually buy books from Amazon and the whatnots (unless you’re willing to jeopardise the fact that the said book may or may not reached you in piece, and even if it did reached you, who knows when it’s going to arrive?); other possible scenario is that the book is not sold in your country (this is, by far, the worst). So, yeah, in order for me to enjoy a decent book, I have to go through multiple steps, of which for a high school kit, it’s impossible.

I complained about this to my friend, constantly. At which point he grew sick of it and told me to ‘just buy an ebook reader’; honest to God, I was insulted with that suggestion. Reading a book and not holding a proper book? What kind of blasphemy is that? But, he patiently explained to me why having an ebook reader would actually solved all of my problems that were mentioned above (except for the fact that the price of the book is still expensive, but there’s not much I can do about it, right?). Instead of having to anxiously wait whether or not my book will arrive safely at my house, I could just instantly download it; this also address the issue of ‘what if the book that I want to buy is not available in my country?’.

After much deliberation, he suggest that I bought a Kobo 1st generation; not only both of us are a sucker for stuffs that people haven’t had yet (some would classify that trait of ours as being hipster-like, but what do they know?), but also because seeing that this is the first ebook reader from Borders, it was the cheapest ebook reader at that time (I think, this was around 2009 or something). So, asking a friend who actually were living in the US at that time, I pre-order the Kobo; fast forward two months later, I had my first ebook reader and, boy, it was one of the happiest time of my life. I kid you not.

Even though I own an ebook reader at that point, I still read printed books also, because it’s my first love, also because in 2011 I quit my job and got a new one and although it doesn’t pay as much as my previous job, I traveled a lot, therefore I can buy lots of books while I travel abroad for work. Fast forward to a couple of years later, I noticed that the button function on my Kobo is acting weird. This, turns out, was a result of my excessive button pressing attitude when I use the Kobo. I became so agitated with this turn of event. Then, I went on a hunt on how to fix the issue (well, it’s not an issue per se, as the button still works perfectly), but there was none, except for buying a new ebook reader (on hindsight, this might be my justification for wanting a new ebook reader).

My second ebook reader was nook SimpleTouch with GlowLight that my friend bought me while she was on a business trip to New York, and I have been using it ever since. Seriously, though, there’s nothing bad about using an ebook reader; yes, it is indeed true that you’d miss the feel and touch of a printed book but a change of ambience is also not a bad thing if done once or twice. Now, the issue is I am really (as in really) tempted on buying a new ebook reader. Simply because I saw another Kobo that I’d liked. Problem is, I may not have that much money to buy a new one; this has come to my attention as I have start packing some of my stuff and as I checked the price of shipment for all my stuffs, I realise that’s going to take a LOT of my saving. Bummer~


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