Seven things to do before you start writing your thesis.

So, after years (or months for several people, probably) of taking, what feels like, endless amounts of courses, one has reached the (almost) end of the road of grad life, writing one’s thesis. I, myself, am writing my thesis (*cough* lies *cough*), so I would like to give you some ideas what you could do before you invest your time in writing your thesis.

Clean your room

Trust me! This is the single best thing to do if you’re suppose to be doing your thesis. Think about it this way, when one has clean room, one will enjoy typing more

Worst case scenario: One will be dead tired once one is finished cleaning one’s room so eventually one will end up sleeping anyway.

Take a quick power nap

Oh, you don’t know what a power nap is? Power nap is like a regular nap, but instead of, say, taking an hour nap, you cut it down in half to 30 minutes nap. Why? Because, obviously, you don’t want to waste too much time with sleeping instead of doing your thesis, right?

Worst case scenario: Unless you’re a light sleeper, there’s no way an alarm would wake you up when you’re power nap time is over, so most probably you’ll overslept anyway.

Eat a light snack so as to keep you from hunger

Why just snack? Why not a whole gourmet of food? Well, because, who has the time for a whole gourmet of food? Also, if you’re anything like me, who has the time to go out of the dorm to buy food and/or the time to cook one? Just stick to snack, besides snacks are pretty handy when you need to watch something, right?

Worst case scenario: Once you noticed that snacks are indeed handy when it comes to watching something, so you’ll end up watching something instead of writing your thesis (like someone I know, *points at self*).

Take a nice quick break by watching something

You can either watch something off of YouTube or, better yet, if you have a good collection of series or movies (or you’re one of those lucky people with netflix), watch those things. But never, not in any circumstances, do you go out and watch a movie in a cinema. Why? ‘Cause y’all end up going to eat out afterwards, probably hang out with your friend (let’s be honest, you’re not going to the movies alone, would you?).

Worst case scenario: You’ll end up doing a movie marathon in your room because you realise it’s a lot nicer than doing it outside.

Text your friend, to keep your sanity intact

Look, reading all day (and not fun reading, might I add) and typing your thesis can take a toll on your sanity. Therefore, take a breather and speak to fellow human, but don’t meet up with them, or else you’ll just going to end up doing pointless things, like shopping or what have you. Stick to texting.

Worst case scenario: you’ll end up wasting your precious time gossiping about other people through texting and next thing you know, it’s night already and you need your beauty sleep.

Stare into the void of your wall and ask yourself, ‘why did I put myself through this agony?’

Seriously, do it! Do. It. Now. Why? The question is, why the f not? Look, I have never, in 27 years of my life, met anyone who actually is pretty stoked about writing their thesis. Everyone I met who is writing or have written a thesis always whined about it (or I just don’t meet that much people), so the very fact that you’re writing a thesis, you should ask yourself, WHY? I mean, it’s not like if you do stare at the wall, you’ll end up with answers, but to enter a subhuman state when a higher responsibility is being asked from you, that’s priceless.

Write a blog post and whine about it

So, you open your laptop and instead of hovering your mouse to Microsoft Word, you hover it to your internet browser. Instead of typing your thesis, you end up typing about what you should (or have probably been doing since God knows when) be doing instead of actually doing your thesis. Wait! What? But, this is what I’m actually doing? Right? Right? Did I just broke the fourth wall? Am I using the term correctly? Yeah, because those questions are a lot more important than actually typing my thesis.

So, yeah, practically these are actually the stuffs that you SHOULD NOT be doing when you should be doing your thesis. Or, you could do it, just make sure that you don’t end up with all the worst case scenario that has happened to me as mentioned above. And now, I’m going to stare into the wall and asked myself about this agony instead of putting an end to this agony. Cheers!


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