And all I ever wanted is you

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Can’t Drive 55.”

Take the third line of the last song you heard, make it your post title, and write for a maximum of 15 minutes. GO!

You, the vagueness of a fleeting love. The vagueness of a better life. The vagueness of glory and holy. The vagueness of what once was. The vagueness of pride. The vagueness of disappointment. And the vagueness of legacy.

He worked hard, harder than most because he knows that the harder you work, the better the outcomes are. The world is as small as the palm of his hand, and when he realised is bigger then he can handle, he start weaving his lies. The bigger the lies, the harder it is to control, so he wield an iron force for those around him.

He wanted nothing more than to see the world beyond his window, but the age old wisdom bound his leg to the foundation of the earth. Years of struggle brought him peace from his old enemy; he had accepted his faith and learn to love what was given to him. He vowed that even if he was chained to the earth and soil that he used to loathe, he would one day see the world beyond his window. And, one day, he did see the world beyond his window.

But with it comes the trial of a lifetime; the temptation of the same apple that tempt Adam and Eve. Would he give in? Yes, he did. He taste the temptation once, and he shall come back for more. The confine of his future suffocated him, and he soar to find his temptation; he gave in to the temptation, thinking that he lives beyond the cloud. He knew it by heart that no one shall ever touch him and bring him down.

Little did he know that he, himself, was the bearer of the bad news. His kingdom of clouds come crashing down; all that he had built was nothing more than a fleeting memory. Blow after blow came after him and, yet, he still believes that he still lives up on the clouds.

Like a rush of blood to the head, everything he hold dear had come leaving him with nothing except despair; the very same despair that he sow when he was younger, younger than he was today. There was no love there in the brown eyes that patiently hold his hand dear when he is slipping away from the dear life that he so cherish; no more pride in the wide smile that used to greet him when he open the door to the kingdom that he left for his kingdom beyond the cloud; no more respect for he had made it clear as a crystal that the disappointment cut deep and he shall condemn the bearer of the disappointment for so long as she lives; no more exchange of words of longing and caring from the one he waited for so long only for him to throw away.

He looked back in agony; how did the need for love, glory, pride, and legacy had turned him into nothing more than an old man with white hair. All day and every day, he shall sit on his throne while looking through the glass of façade, thinking what had he done wrong? What did he do wrong?

He gave in to temptation with open arms and whisper “All I ever want is you”.

All I ever wanted is you is taken from Josh Record’s Wonder


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