Trick or treat yo self!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Trick Questions.”

It takes everything in me to hold back my shade when y’all be asking me these unnecessary questions.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Is that question even a thing? I mean, who plans for the future anyway? I don’t even plan about what I’m going to do today, let alone for the future. I might be choking on a meatball today for all I care.

Q: Why aren’t you married yet?

A: How in God’s name should this concern other people? You should be grateful I’m not a killer on a killing spree, and you’re more concerned on why am I not married yet? Yeah, like at 27 you should be married? Like, it’s that even a legit regulation or something? Because if that is, I am going to start a rebellion over that.

Q: Why don’t you act more ladylike?

A: What does ladylike even mean? Like, I’m suppose to wear frilly dresses and just sip tea? Or I’m suppose to knit sweater? Or I’m suppose to take down oppressive government? Or what? Why are you so concern about me being more ladylike? I could be on the verge of winning a pulitzer prize award (I’m not, by the way) and acting ladylike is why I should be more concerned about? That does not sound like a priority I would want to have, and I don’t even have that good scale of priorities anyway.


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