Mmmmyyyy Pressshhiiooouuuuss~~

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pride and Joy.”

I’m very territorial when it comes to ownership. I don’t like sharing, and I’m also not very keen on lending my belongings to other people, especially books. Sure, you can look at it, you can be amazed by my book collections, you can touch, but in no circumstances will you ever allowed to borrow my books. My books are my precious!

Speaking of books, the above picture is just some of the books that I bought during my stay in Seoul. Truth be told, a couple of months after this photo was taken, I added around 10 more books to the equation. Now that I am going back to Jakarta, whatever to happened to these books occupied my mind more than anything else. What I did then, I bought those plastic rolls (like the one you would find in supermarket when you’re buying fruits), and I wrapped each book individually, making sure that there is no way it will be damaged then I pack them up into the cardboard box. The most fragile one is my Narnia Collector’s Edition; I had to bubble wrap the whole box and I am really crossing my finger for their security. 🙏



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