Book review: Creeping Shadow (The Rise of Isaac #1), by Caroline Peckham

** ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review. **

**contain mild spoiler**

What am I suppose to do with my life now? I finished this book and I want to know whatever to happened next? How long must I wait for the next book? How long? This is not fair. I need to know. This book is such a nice read that I forgot that I have absolutely no idea when will I ever read the next book in the series.

I did not expect that I would in any way be excited about this book, but then I read and I’m hook by the fourth chapter. I can tell that this book is a bit slow, and then suddenly it picked up its speed almost at the end; took me by surprise but at that point I was already very invested in the story and the characters, and there’s not much I can do expect screaming in agony knowing that It’s going to be a long while until I could ever read the next book.

I really want to congratulate the author for such amazing worlds that she’s creating in this book. I can’t stop myself from being amazed at all the details she gives in this book, from the historical background of how the other world came to be, into the incredible Aleva and the desolate Vale (and I hope the rest of the worlds would not fail to surprise me). I have to admit that this book has many cliche thing that cringe me a little bit. Put it this way, anytime there’s a story about a world that is not earth or a dystopian version of earth, the spectrum always vary between the other world is the advance version of earth or the world without life. I hate to think that earth is always left behind in every aspect from the other world, but Aleva is great, so I’m not complaining (bias, I know). Other cliche that is very cringeworthy was the interview part before the team enter the race in Aleva. Why must Oliver’s team be the last team? I get that they enter the race late, but it’s like the formula of keeping the best for last, so as to give shocking effect. A bit predictable and very cringe-worthy in my opinion, but then again I like the composition of Olly’s team, so I’m not complaining much (again).

Maybe it’s the weather these days or maybe the author is just very good at building the setting and the ambience. Every time she starts describing the weather or the surrounding in the book, I can almost feel like I am there and it felt real. And it’s just not the setting, the characters also felt real. You know how sometime author tends to get a bit bias when it comes to their main characters? How they made their characters so detailed so the reader would root for them and like them? Well the characters in this book were very simple, no major trait that made them bigger than life, and that is exactly what made me connects and invested a lot with the characters. I can almost feel like they could have been my mate or my next door neighbour. Even the annoying characters like, Larkin, Delphine, and Chester.

Generally speaking, the story is a bit predictable to me, but with that cliffhanger ending and the epilogue, who’s to say what’s the next book is going to be like? Seriously, if I could I would like to start a rant on my possible theories about what is going to happen next, and possibly my take on who is the bad guy in this story. But, of course, I won’t be doing that; I’m going to be hated so much by so many people if I do that, right? Also, is weird that I am already shipping people in this book? Not related, but it’s my legit question. Ugh! I wish I could meet someone who have read this book and go all conspiracy theories together.

My rants aside, I seriously recommend everyone who likes fantasy to pick this book up. What’s not to like from this book? First, it has incredible world-creation. Second, the characters are amazing, likeable, detestable, confusing af, and just generally the kind of people that you would be invest your time with. Third, the background of the story was well written, you might possibly hate the author for coming up with that idea (I’m kidding of course, how could I hate her for writing this amazing book?). Fourth, you would most definitely like the conversations happening in the book. I don’t know if you’re like me or not, but I enjoy a good book that has nice flow of conversations between the characters; you know how sometimes conversations between the characters can feel so stiff and very two-dimensional, right? Well, this book is nothing like that. Fifth, you will be go on a crazy ride of adrenaline rush as you go along with Olly and his friends on the race in Aleva. Oh yes, you will. Because I did, and I want to go back to reading that. It’s crazy good and well written.

Favourite part? Definitely the race in Aleva. I still could not comprehend how the author could come up with that idea. Also, how well written was that part? Seriously, I was so nervous the whole time I read that part. Ah! I seriously would go back to just reading that part. I seriously would. 

Favourite Character? Please don’t hate me for this, but I really like Olly and Rogan. I feel like there’s a bromance brewing somewhere. I hope there will be in the next book. I feel like they could be the best of friend had they met in a better circumstances. Weirdly (and surprisingly, on my part), I also like Quinn. I seriously did not see that coming.

Now, here’s a note to the author (I hope she reads this):

Please, please, please let me have the chance to get the ARC for the second book when it’s out. I seriously need to know what happened next. If you must know, I held off my thesis just to finish this book. So, that should tell you how much I had liked this book. So, please give me the chance to get the ARC for the next book. Thanks! Much love. 

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Titel: Creeping Shadow

Series: The Rise of Isaac #1

Author: Caroline Peckham

Goodreads link

Genre:Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult, Adventure


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