Accidentally Judgemental: Pretending to Dance, by Diane Chamberlain

I can’t believe I totally forgot about doing another Accidentally Judgemental. Let’s cut the small talk and start judging book by its covers and see if I am in anyway correct about my judgement.

My guess:

Byfar, this is the saddest of cover I have ever had the privilege to judge this year. Not sad as in like I would cry, but sad as in this just looks darn pathetic. Now, I don’t mean to be rude, therefore I will elaborate.First off, the red dress and the girl’s pose is just a cliche kind of thing. It’s like you’ve been seeing the exact same thing from any other book cover out there.The font is just lazy; like, it’s not even trying to entice its potential reader to take a look at it. To be honest, I really can’t guess what the story is about, but I can tell that I have zero interest in this book.

What the book is actually about:

Molly Arnette is very good at keeping secrets. She lives in San Diego with a husband she adores, and they are trying to adopt a baby because they can’t have a child on their own. But the process of adoption brings to light many questions about Molly’s past and her family—the family she left behind in North Carolina twenty years before. The mother she says is dead but who is very much alive. The father she adored and whose death sent her running from the small community of Morrison’s Ridge. Her own birth mother whose mysterious presence in her family raised so many issues that came to a head. The summer of twenty years ago changed everything for Molly and as the past weaves together with the present story, Molly discovers that she learned to lie in the very family that taught her about pretending. If she learns the truth about her beloved father’s death, can she find peace in the present to claim the life she really wants?

Goodreads link

My verdict:

Yes! For the first time this year, my judgement did not veer that far off. I mean, maybe there are people out there who dig stories like these but this is definitely not my cup of tea, and the cover just really does it for me even from the first look. Had I seen this in a bookstore, I would not even spare another second just to consider looking at what the book is about. Sorry, but blame the cover.


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