Eat, drink, and be merry..

I thought about death so much this year, something about getting older I guess. I kept on thinking that had I die this year, what were to happen to those who knew me. It should not bother me so much, but it did. I wonder about whether or not they would find the time to remember me later on.

Last week, a friend asked me if I only had six months left to live in this world, what would I do? I told him that I would probably just start buying tons of gadgets and probably marry my boyfriend. But then, what if tomorrow would be my last day on earth? I would not have the privilege of having to do either of those things (sure, I can marry my boyfriend instantly but what’s the whole purpose, then? Just to condemn him to months or years of agony afterwards? Sounds a bit too sinister, even for me). Then, if that is the case, I would probably throw a last supper.

I will have all the glorious of foods that I have ever liked in my life. All the chickens, the beef, the junk food, the ever so unhealthy food (that might probably be the cause of my sudden death). Then I’ll have my cats (if ever they are still alive at that point). Then all the three of us would binge eat (obviously my cats would be eating cat food) and just lounge around and just cuddle together until the clock strikes midnight. I would want to have the room filled with really nice pillows and cushions, nice fluffy blankets are highly appreciated also. A nice huge window with maroon drapes are a nice touch, then I would have the lights to lightly dimmed with a nice opera music in the background. I’m not trying to pretentious, but whenever I’m listening to opera music, I’m almost always sleepy then I would fall asleep. More than death, I am more afraid of the dying process; if ever I get to have the choice of how I would die, I’d rather not have a painful death.

A nice quiet death surrounded by fluffy cats would probably be a nice way to go. And I am very sorry if this topic is a bit too dark.


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