#MovieMonday: Ashby

High-school student Ed Wallis enters into a friendship with his neighbor, Ashby, a retired CIA assassin who only has a few months left to live.

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Oh God! When was the last time I did a #MovieMonday? Apparently in 19 October 2015. I know nobody waits for a #MovieMonday, but I still feel obligated to do this and the fact that I haven’t had the chance to do it in two weeks just shows how much of a slacker I am. On my defence, I was so caught up with my thesis, I really could not be spoiling myself with watching movies (although I’m still pretty much always on WordPress). Speaking of thesis, I finished my thesis (woo hoo!!), and I’ve sent my complete draft to my advisor only to have her replied my email at 2 in the morning saying she can’t review my thesis within this week. Ugh! Moving along, this week I had the privilege of watching Ashby. I chose this only because there’s Mickey Rourke in it.

  1. Since when does Nat Wolff is everywhere in movies? I feel like I just saw a movie with him somewhere and then again before that, and now he’s here also?
  2. I’m not enjoying Sarah Silverman in this movie. How could I have missed that she’s in this movie?
  3. What is with people snooping other people’s belonging? Like, I get your curious and all, but, boundaries, people! Boundaries!
  4. What is with staring at each other awkwardly? Ugh! It’s awkward for me to watch.
  5. Oh God, this mumbo jumbo pep talk before a sport’s match is so cringe-worthy. This is why I don’t do sports.  I would never be caught alive chanting cringe things like that.
  6. Do people really take high school’s sports seriously? Like in this movie?
  7. Ugh! This is so cringe-worthy! Why would Mickey Rourke be doing this movie anyway? Why, Mickey? Why?
  8. I want more of Ashby’s story. Cut this Ed’s sappy predictable “kid-got-neglected-by-his-dad” storyline.
  9. “Don’t rationalise being a victim”.
  10. What was that? It’s obvious Ed’s mum was not taking a phone call. It’s pretty clear that it’s her home screen.
  11. I don’t get why Eloise had to do the MRI at night though. Without adult’s supervision, even for her own protection.
  12. Yep, definitely a cringe-worthy movie. I can’t believe I spend my time for this.
  13. Oh Ed, if you care so much for Ashby, why would you took the time to kiss Eloise after the game instead of finding where Ashby is?
  14. Gosh. Dang. It! Mickey Rourke is bringing down my tears.

Point taken, don’t bother watching this movie if your only reason to watch this movie is Mickey Rourke. Sure, he did a splendid job, but the pain of cringe-worthy scene I had to endure was definitely very compromising for my sanity.



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