Here, there, and everywhere.

A fiction, in response to The Daily Post writing prompt, A Tale of Two Cities.

The city is roughly the same size. The people is of the same composition. The other is crippled when the rain falls. The other one is crippled when the sun shone too bright. Neither is where I want to be, but there I am.

I woke up to a blinding sun everyday. I slept on my way. I woke up to the honking of cars and polluted sky. The polluted sky cloud my vision. I’m not sure I’m seeing the right thing. Is this where it all began? Is this the same place where I used to run free under the raging rain with my siblings? Is this the place where I thought I would be happy but later on, it condemned me to a life of unescapable wrath of a destiny that was written for me by someone else? I’m not sure.

I knocked on the green gate. Is this where I belong? No one noticed me. I liked that. Maybe I should just stay here. To hell with the rain and the polluted sky. I liked being invisible, and here I can be just that.

The sun is about to set. Shall I stay here? I looked around. I realise that with all its glory of granting the wishes of those who longed to be forgotten, this city has no room for one to be alone. One can be invisible, but one would never be alone. I can’t stay here. I need to be alone.

I drag my legs to cross the city again. I slept on the way. I woke to a lazy sun that seems to refuse to set. Maybe this is where I shall be. I may never be invisible, but I might be left alone. I walked back with many eyes piercing on my back. Everyone seems to know me here. Was I really happy when I first came here? Was I really excited to come and live here? Was it my own happiness and my own excitement? Was it another false reality that I construct because I believe that my siblings were right when they said that this could be a start to something new? I’m not sure.

I knocked on the brown gate. Is this where I belong? Everyone was looking at me by not trying to look at me. I feel naked. Everyone is holding their breath, so did I. No one said anything when I passed them. The agony 45 seconds walk end with the silent sound of me closing the door that separates us. I liked that. They could never walk past through this door. I am left alone to my own devices. I am calm. Maybe this is where I belong.

Another day had begun as the sun shone too brightly, blinding the eyes who dared to look up. Another day of a silent battle on where I belong. Do I belong here? Walking with a held breath but I am alone. Or do I belong there? Invisible but surrounded by people I don’t want to. I don’t know. I’m still not sure. Until then, dividing my life between the two is what I have.


It don’t matter whether I am here or there, because I am also everywhere. I just have to close my eyes, and I am where I want to be.

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