To all the cats I’ve loved before and then.

A letter written in response to The Daily Post writing prompt, Literate for a Day.

Dear Timmy (I’m not going to type what I originally called you, because if might cause some confusion), Snowy, Pukupuku, Ponta, Boncu, Pimpy, Pinky, Coco, Caca, Picanto, Elvis, Joplin, and Lennon (and to all those cats I have loved).

Words cannot describe how much I have loved you. You may think you’re just a pet to me (I highly doubt so. If anything, you might think that I am your human slave), but know that you are an equal partner. Many nights have passed since I have first laid my eyes on all of you, and never once my love for all of you had wavered. I have cared and loved many humans before and after all of you, but none had helped me more than all of you did. I’m not one for words, and I know you all are cringing at this very moment, but I wished I were given enough time to pour my love equally to all of you.

I want to thank Timmy for being there for me through my tumultuous years of junior high school. Your grey fur is as soft as I last remember it. I remember the overflowing tears that ran through my eyes, soaking my pillow as I remember how you would sleep and curl next to my bed, and now there are no more of that privileges for me.

Thank you Pipi for being my cat. For always accompanying me to sleep when I am most scared sleeping on my own. Thank you for being patient enough to stick around as I am engrossed into my new computer game. I remember how smart you were to always picked up your own food with your right paw and how you always come when I called you to.

Thank you Elvis for being such a fat cat with no sense of gratefulness whatsoever. You are the true definition of a cat. You are the master of your own life and I respect you for that. I promise I’ll treat you a nice stock full of cat stick when I’m home. Stay sassy, Elvis!

Thank you Joplin for being my dream fat ginger cat. You’re not as lazy as Garfield, nor you are as greedy as Garfield, but you are most definitely fat and weird. You’re scared of rain, aren’t you? Thank you for being a weird cat that is not sorry for being weird. You do you, Joplin.

Thank you for teaching me how to love, Timmy. Thank you for teaching me how to be patient, Pipi. Thank you for teaching me how own one’s own life, Elvis. Thank you for teaching me how to be true to myself, Joplin. And to all of my cats who have been there for me, thank you for being my cats and filled my life with love that I have yet to experience from other human being. This might seem stupid, but I am forever grateful for being lucky enough to be graced by your love, o’ dear cats of mine.

Much love,


This has been the 100th post in my blog, and I am more than grateful to have dedicate this blog to all my cats. I love you to the moon and back! I am missing each and everyone of you, those who are still with me and those who have passed the rainbow bridge. 

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