Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! Another PSA for my new header! I was planning to use this header only on Christmas, but I thought, “why not keep it until the end of the year?”. Anyway, Christmas is one of my favourite time of the year, I don’t necessarily celebrate Christmas religiously but it still is so much fun. Last year I spent Christmas Eve with a bunch of friends. We went to one of the most crowded shopping districts in Seoul, Myeongdong, because two of our friends are going to have their Christmas mass at the Catholic church in there.

At first I thought it was a horrible decision to go there on Christmas Eve, it was just sea of humans and not to mention it was freezing af. But, compared to how I spent my Christmas Eve this year, I would go back to Myeongdong in a heartbeat. I had a small panic attack yesterday as I went to one of the shopping malls in Jakarta. In terms of crowd of humans, it was more or less the same like in Myeongdong, but it was just so overwhelming yesterday that I almost collapse into a heap of mess.

Well, not to bother you with my stupid story of panic attack, I just want to say MERRY CHRISTMAS for everyone and hope you have a great Christmas celebration with your family. Until then, I’m just going to go  back to reading.


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