Everything in review.

A personal rant in response to The Daily Post writing prompt, Earworm.

So you know how tomorrow is literally the new year’s eve? And prior to that, tons of people are now either busy preparing for the new year’s resolution (oh PISH POSH, who has the time to do that?) or just posting a review of their 2015. Well, Facebook had done just that about weeks ago (jeez, Facebook seems like that friend who’s just so excited about the new year) and I, shamelessly, join in like everyone on posting photos of my 2015. Another crazed thing I shamelessly joined is the best nine photos on your Instagram. Basically it generates the top nine most like photos from your Instagram. Even WordPress had their own report of my blog in 2015.

However fun it is to join in on those 2015 review, none felt more truthful to me than my Goodreads 2015 review. 2015 had been a good year for me; I was abroad for the most part, I travelled to places I’ve never thought I could go, I made new friends that I had initiate myself and not just by mere circumstances, and most of all, I had  read 58 books; the most I have ever read in a year in all my life so far. I hope that somewhere along the line I would have had the chance to top 2015, but in the mean time I hope that 2015 is memorable enough to keep me going in 2016.

2016 is as dark as night when you turn off your light as you go to sleep; give it enough time and your eyes will adjust, and I guess that’s how you survive a new year, give it enough time and you’ll adjust to the changes it offer from last year.

I’d rather fuel a fantasy than deal with this alone

But I’m sure I won’t struggle with 2016 alone, the rest of the world’s population will struggle with me. Besides, just as I was struggling with 2015 and I eventually made some amazing friends who had been nothing but an amazing help that got me through Seoul and 2015, I’m sure I’ll meet other people, old and new, to help me through Jakarta and 2016.

So, here’s to the amazing 2015 and to the mysterious 2016. Do take a stop over on my Goodreads review to see my books in review from 2015. It’s amazing, I guarantee you.






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