So, I guess this is new year then.

Happy new year, everyone! I kid you not, I have no idea what else to say apart from that; I mean, it’s just new year, right? I can tell you that I just upload a new header, all in the name of the new year. I know the so-called header is still a sad attempt on my part, but I’m happy so I guess everyone just had to bear with it.

Oh, another thing I can tell you is a tale of when fireworks gone crazy last night! So, anyway, last night we light tons of fireworks to celebrate the start of 2016. Just like any other millennials, I was so caught up in recording the ever so colourful fireworks when I felt pain on my stomach like someone was throwing something at me, but of course like the true millennials that I am, nothing is going to stop me from recording the fireworks.

Next thing I knew, people around me were screaming in fear accompanied with a loud bang, and when I said loud it is literally LOUD like I was a bit deaf for a couple of minutes after the first bang. Anyway, after the bang, people were running around from the fireworks gone crazy. The fireworks were shooting at us, my family and I, and apparently the pain that I felt on my stomach was the start of the fireworks that went crazy and were just attacking us for the whole of the longest 5 minutes I’ve ever experienced in 2015.

Next thing we knew, my cousin got some light burn wound on her ankle and a bruise on her left arm, my shirt got burned with a fresh hole (thankfully it was a cheap shirt, so no hard feeling), and some emotional distress on my other family members. Well, apart from the fireworks gone crazy, I can certainly vouch that I literally end 2015 and start 2016 with a BLAST, a literal blast nonetheless.

No matter, happy new year, again, and enjoy the rest of 2016 until the end of the year again, I guess.


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