This plan better be good, or else..

A personal rant in response to The Daily Post writing prompt, Worst Case Scenario.

It’s been a long god-forsaken 16 months (possibly more) since I had a decent proper massage. Massage is such a luxury I cannot indulge in while in Seoul, so it has been in the agenda that when I’m back home, I shall go and get this proper massage that is my right. But, then life happens, and I still haven’t got my proper massage. That is all, until today..

Today, I will be going for a proper massage, followed by going and getting myself Nintendo 3DS XL! Ha! Talk about a solid proof plan. Now things are going to go south if RAM came late to pick me up, followed by the massage parlour closed or not closed but there’s a ridiculous line, then it gets even worst when turns out the Nintendo ran out. I swear on everything holy, if that what happens, I will be going on a freaking rampage and freaking bulldoze anybody who gets in my way like a bulldozer that gone haywire.

On the other side of the pole, if I got picked up on time and the massage parlour is open and there’s not a long line to wait, topped by my Nintendo waiting for me, then I will have one heck of a proper weekend to save me from Monday, for Monday I will be going back to office. Don’t know for what but I’m there, anyway.

Ugh, the thoughts of going back to work on Monday gives me the goosebumps. I’m signing off for a therapy now. Ciao!

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