A thank you goes a long way.

I don’t know who said it, but I’m just going to assume that someone at sometime had said that a thank you goes a long way. I like to think that my small form of gratitude through this blog post would reach to the intended person.

So here’s what happened. I went to a bookstore just a couple of hours ago; as I was paying for my book, my friend on the other cashier said that she needed to borrow some of my cash to pay for her magazine ’cause she left her wallet in her car. Since I’m known for not being able to multitask, what happened then was that I was too preoccupied in reminding myself not to forget to put my wallet back into my backpack, and this resulted in me totally forgetting the other important stuff, which is to put my Slytherin pouch consisting of my phone and an ear plug into my bag.

Long story short, I noticed that I could not find my pouch about 5-10 minutes after I left the bookstore. Now, I don’t mean to talk shit about my own country, but the thing about my country is that you could have left your belonging in less than 3 minutes and… POOF! There goes your stuff.. gone! So, naturally I was already running towards the worst case scenario; I began calling my phone in the hopes that some good soul out there will pick it up and return it to me, but no one’s picking up. On my second trial, my phone was already dead. I knew, then, that that was it. I was never going to have my phone back.

The whole time I was calling my phone, I went on a sprint back to the bookstore. As I arrived there, my head was spinning, I was running out of breath, I feel like my heart had leaped out of my chest, and I am so close to actually dropping myself to the floor and went to oblivion. A bit dramatic, I know, but I did feel something remotely close to that anyway. So I ran to the cashier and asked about my Slytherin pouch and, lo and behold, THEY STILL HAVE MY POUCH ALONG WITH ITS CONTENTS!!

Some good soul out there had found my pouch and had given it to the security guard which he then gave the pouch to the cashier for safekeeping, see if the owner would come and retrieve it. Oh my God! I am so grateful. I am so thankful for the good soul who had found my pouch and had given it to the security guard instead of taking it away with you. I am also thankful for the security guard who had given my pouch to the cashier. And obviously I am also so very thankful for the cashier who have taken a good care of my pouch.

I know this sounded like I’m giving an Oscar speech, but I kid you not, I am so thankful for that good soul who had started a chain of good deeds that resulted in me having my pouch along with its contents back to me. I don’t know who you are, but know that I am very grateful for what you did to my pouch, and I pray that some other good soul out there would be of an assistance to you if ever you need one.

Humanity, at times I would forsake you but I am glad you still held many secrets which stop me from denouncing you entirely. Good job, humanity.


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