How is it that it’s February already?

What the actual? How is that it’s February already? I still feel like I just had the fireworks on NYE attack me and it’s already a month after that? What? Doesn’t matter, what matter now is that I have a new header up for February. Honestly speaking, with a small amount of creativity that I have in me, I am definitely not happy with this one, but I’ll let it past.

Just a friendly reminder that 21 February is the International Mother Language Day! According to Wikipedia, the International Mother Language Day is a worldwide observance to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism. And, on that note, I would like to introduce my mother tongue, Bahasa Indonesia! I was born and raise in the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta, and while I speak a little bit of the local language of my parents (Betawi from my Dad, and Minang from my Mum), Bahasa Indonesia has been my first language.

Indonesia as the biggest archipelagic state has many local languages (and by many, I’m not saying it’s about dozens or so, but at about 700 languages), therefore the use of Bahasa Indonesia as the official language is an important matter. Although I don’t speak the language perfectly, as in I shouldn’t be the person you would go to for studying the language, I’m definitely fluent in the language. Wikipedia has an entire page and links to the many languages spoken in Indonesia, which is extremely cool and interesting if you’re into language.

Here’s an added bonus about the local languages in Indonesia, Betawi is spoken by around 2.7 million people (probably more, since almost everyone living in Jakarta eventually start to pick up some Betawi words on their day to day conversation) and Minang is spoken by around 5.5 million people.

Remember that the International Mother Language Day is not only about language, it’s also about celebrating and be more aware of the cultural diversity!


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