You were saying?

A conversation with oneself in response to The Daily Post writing prompt, A Bird, a Plane, You!

“Given the option, which of these powers would you want to have? The ability to speak any language? The ability to travel through time? Or the ability to make two people agree with each other? And why?”

I hate this question. Had it not sinked in yet that I’m indecisive? Besides, do you even hear yourself? I would kill to have all three powers.”

“Yeah, I don’t think that’s how you play this game. You’re suppose to just pick one.”

I get that, but can you even pick one yourself? Huh? Bet you can’t, right?

“I’ll give it a shot anyway. Top of my mind right now, I’ll rather be able to speak any language. Do you even have the slightest idea how useful that is? You can actually travel to any part of the world and not to have to worry about getting lost, because you speak the damn language. Besides, imagine how cultured you would look when people know you speak tons of language. Wait, scratch that, you speak EVERY SINGLE LANGUAGE ON THE WALKS OF THIS EARTH!”

Seems legit, but imagine travelling through time. You can see the beginning of the world! You can even have a cup of coffee with Newton, or even see The Beatles with George still alive! Or go back to the biggest event of the century! History at the tip of your finger! You could be a witness to it all! How could you not want that?

“So, you’ll choose that? Over being able to speak so many languages? Over travelling the present, you’d rather go back to the past?”

Well, you can travel to the future, if that’s your thing. The present is here, I can live and breathe through it all. The past is a different matter. And I’m not talking about the past as in when I was born or when I had my first driver’s license; I’m talking about the ‘past’. The legit past. The past when everything happened before even our parents are alive.

“Okay, whatever. To each their own. So, you’ll go with travel through time?”

I don’t know. The last one seems interesting too, you know?

“Making two people agree with each other? Like, why does it even considered a power?”

Dude, have you not been seeing the news or something? Right, you don’t watch the news. But surely you know how life is like, right? People are fighting against each other. They’re arguing about their differences. They can’t live in harmony and mutual respect over their differences. Imagine having this power and you’re one of the world leader, you can, at the very least, make an impact or an effort to settle the growing differences in this world, right? Call it wishful thinking, but it’s plausible, right?

“Agreed, but how do we become a world leader anyway?”

You know how? By combining all three powers! In the present, we’ll move around the political arena with our ability to speak every language, and then probably tweak a bit of the past by travelling through time, or the future? I don’t know, we’ll see to it laterAnd then, top your blueberry cheesecake with the last power.

“Sounds wicked.”

I mean, if we’re going to spend our Tuesday evening talking pretend about what power we want to have, might as well dream big, right?

“Probably, but in the mean time, I’ll stick with being able to speak any language. I need to get my mojo back on to nail my Spanish again.”



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