Eat and eat

A conversation with oneself in response to The Daily Post writing prompt, Live to Eat.

“So, do you live to eat or eat to live?”

“Definitely the eat to live kind.”

“Why so sure? Normally you would complain about how indecisive you are at about now.”

“Nope, not when it comes to food.”

“Do explain.”

“Although I like to eat, and I don’t mean just like, but I adore the idea of eating, I find it incredibly pathetic if one sole purpose or drive in life is just to eat. It seems like you’re a slave to your needs.”

“But isn’t it also pathetic that you view food or eating as only the means to survive? You know, instead of enjoying the food itself.”

“But what makes you think that while I’m eating for mere survival that I am not enjoying the said food?”

“The thing with eating just for the sake of living is just like what animals would do, right?”

“But, humans are practically animals too, right?”

“Okay, now we’re just straying from the topic. Here’s another question, since you’re more into the eating to live, would you in anyway go through troubles for the best meal in your life? And if you would, how far would you go?”

“Hmm, I probably would, but maybe not far enough. We both know, I’m too lazy to walk even from my room to the refrigerator for a drink.”

“You’re a weird person, aren’t you?”

“Make that the two of us. Now, I think it’s time for a late dinner.”

“A very late dinner, actually.”

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