Mission: Impossible!

A personal rant in response to The Daily Post writing prompt, Sudden Shifts.

The thing that bothers me from the supposed situation in this writing prompt is that it is very (and I mean very) unlikely that I would be enjoying the sun on the beach and nibbling watermelon. One, there has never been a time in 27 years of my life that I have enjoyed the sun; there’s seriously nothing appealing about sun to me. Two, I am definitely not the kind of person you would see on the beach, unless I am being forced to. Three, I don’t even like watermelon.

But, hey, let’s just play pretend. It’s not like there has never been a moment where I was forced to spend a day on the beach with my cousins. Assuming everyone was having a grand time sunbathing and/or just enjoying the beach in general (except for me, of course) and then there was a sudden hail storm, I would be the first person who would scream in joy! I would scream, “praise the Lord, for the Lord grant my wish!”

I would do a twirl before the storm gets rougher, took out my camera and/or phone and just starts recording everything. And when I am being forced or dragged to safety, I’ll be the first and the only person in the room, amongst my cousins, to be genuinely happy for the sudden change of weather. I’ll go and take a warm bath, change into my jumper and sweatpants. Went straight to bed with a good book, and just maniacally laugh at the despair of my cousins who love the sun and beach.

I know I sound and look like this annoying cousin, but it’s not like I control the weather to screw with my cousins’ happiness. I just saw an opportunity and I took it.


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