Alternate universe.

A conversation with oneself in response to The Daily Post writing prompt, World’s Best Widget.

“You’ve been granted magical engineering skills, but you can only use them to build one gadget or machine. What do you build?”

“Do you know that thing that Doraemon has? It’s in the shape of a mirror, a rectangle one. You can enter the mirror and come out at the exact same spot as where you first enter it but you’re the only person in that part of the world. It’s like entering your very own alternate universe.”

“So you want to build that? But, what’s so cool about it?”

“What’s so cool about it? What’s not cool about it? Are we even living in the same city? Have you not seen how many traffic jam there are around here? Not to mention there is no quiet place to enjoy solitude. Not even in small cafes. It’s horrible. Now, with this device, I could just went inside my alternate universe from my room, and enjoy the empty road to my office, and return back to my original universe at the office. The same can be done at any public places of my choice.”

“Now that you mention that, it does seem very promising.”

“It is. Whatever else do you need other than calm and solitude at the tip of your finger.”

“Don’t you just wish Doaremon was real?”

“Haven’t changed my wish since the first time I saw Doraemon.”


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