Much busy. Such work.

Oh wow! When I said that work was going to interfere with my reading time, I didn’t expect it to interfere with my whole life in general. Not only that I need more time, than I usually need, to finish a single book, I can’t even find the time to write my review about the said book. Ugh! Being an adult is such serious work.

I went from just reading from one book to the other with playing The Sims somewhere in between to actually not having enough time to sleep and racking my brain hard to come up with time when and how am I going to enjoy my current read book.

Why do people have to go adult? Not to mention, work is still as boring as ever and as time consuming as ever. Ugh!

Anyways, let me tell you a story of how I went to Manado, North Sulawesi and went back looking like extremely unattractive (even more so than I usually was). Here’s how it goes. I went to Manado, North Sulawesi and went on a boat ride. I’m not much a sun person, simply because I hate getting all sweaty, but that day the weather was nice and the wind was pretty much enjoyable. And so I decided to just lounge around (and I use this term lightly) on top the boat’s deck. It was just such a nice day to enjoy the view of Bitung (which is about an hour car ride from Manado).

After awhile, I began to sweat (actually it was hours later) and I start wiping scratching my arm when I notice a stinging pain on both my arms. I looked at at it, lo and behold, ’tis what becomes of my arm after I came back from Bitung.

Oh well, there must have been a proper reason as to why I never go out in the sun. Why must I go against my better judgement? Now, look what have become of me?

Alright then, I must end this post here, for I still have many things to do and one can only steal one hour of one’s own working time to post an utterly unimportant post.


2 thoughts on “Much busy. Such work.

  1. Paul @ The Galaxial Word says:

    AHHH YOUR ARM! Sending good healing vibes XD And YES I’m basically going through the same thing. School started and I still have a pile of books as tall as me that I need to read. Just gotta slowly work away at it, I guess 😀


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