Land ahoy!

A conversation with oneself in response to The Daily Post writing prompt, Five Items.

“What are the five items you must have on a deserted island?”

“Why hello to you too, it’s been awfully quite a long time since we’ve had a chat.”

“Yeah, life just happens and took all our free time.”

“Couldn’t agree more. Anyway, to answer your question, I would have tons of bottled water, knife or super sharp machete, water filtration device, thermal blanket, and an easy to set up tent.”

“Very practical. No books? Or electronic devices?”

“Pfft, like you could possibly have any service on a freaking deserted island. Let’s be realistic here.”

“Made sense, but what about books?”

“Assuming I’m stranded on the island for a month, not only would I have finished the books by the second week, I honestly would opt for a much more practical thing that would help me survive rather than just from boredom.”

“Why are you being very practical and direct today? Something’s up?”

“Just work related stuff. And it’s not really lollipops and rainbow, you know, stealing time at the office to have this conversation.”

“But, in light of this question, I sure hope we would never be stuck on a deserted island.”

“Unlikely to happen, we don’t go a sailing trip or whatever, and if ever this happen to us, I can assure we wouldn’t be lucky enough to have been asked what we want to have while we’re stuck on a deserted island.”

“Well, now you’re just being dark.”


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