things you may not want to know but I'm telling you anyway

It’s not always what you thought it was.

A conversation with oneself in response to The Daily Post writing prompt, Screen.

“I’m not liking these prompts lately. What am I suppose to do with just one word?”

“Write about something? You seem to be doing alright the past two prompts.”

“Yeah but it’s not as easy as before. Take today, the prompt is screen. What does that even mean?”

“What does it remind you of? The word screen, I mean.”

“Computers? Phones? An alternate version of who I am? You know, like my alter ego, or something.”


“Why, what?”

“Why alter ego?”

“I feel like the me that people see on a daily basis and the other me that are portrayed through my posts in the blog or somewhere else is like two different people.”

“But, which one is more you?”

“To be completely honest, I think it’s the other me that’s in the words that I typed within my blog posts or through my rants on Twitter. It used to be the other version of the real me, but then I feel like the real me is much more suppressed by society, through its norms and rules. The real me had to conform and follow the mold that everybody is following through. It don’t make me happy, and so I turn more into my alter ego. It became my solace. I feel much more comfortable being the other me as oppose to the real me.”

“How much different are you anyway? Between the real and the other one?”

“Not by much. Both of us are bitter about life, sarcastic and mean. But the real one would not be as vocal and outspoken about it. The other one would be whatever about everything.”

“I think I can feel you. I mean, here I am talking to you. I’m the real us, and you’re the other us, right?”

“Is it? Or is it the other way around?”

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