A drop in the bucket

A personal rant in response to The Daily Post writing prompt, Drop.

Do you like rain? Well, then you might be a pluviophile, which according to the internet basically means a lover of rain. If you’re a romantic, then I can see why you would love the rain. But, I’m not a romantic. I just like seeing droplets of water, accompanied by a good thunder here and there would be much more preferable. If you live in Jakarta, I am 80% sure you would despise rain. The moment there’s rain, everything comes to a full stop (not literally). Traffic jam ensues. Cars and motorcycles blaring out their horns. Chaos has descended upon us. A bit dramatic, eh? Well, try and live in Jakarta during the rainy season, then you’ll get what I mean. But, I’m not here about traffic jam or anything, although I just actually got back from a fight with the traffic.

I want to talk about how much I love rain. I think rain best explain my constant state of mind. It can sometimes be calm like a nice drizzle on a Sunday morning; it can chaotic like a horrible thunderous rain on a dark night during a blackout, no sense of direction without a flash of lightning once in awhile. The transition from calm to chaotic can happen in a heartbeat, and sometimes I don’t get a say in those changes. Rain not only best explain my constant state of mind, but rain helps me think better.

Or if I’m being pretentious, I could say that rain made me a bit more philosophical about my existence in the world. It made you wonder, how significant your existence for other people. Am I like rain during a drought? Or am I like a rain during floods? Or am I just a rain during rainy season? Am I the kind of person that people would rejoice to had they seen me? Or am I the kind of person that people despise and wished so hard to just go away? Or am I the kind of person that just fades into the background, I made no difference whether or not I’m around?

No matter how much I rake my brain for answers to those questions, it all boils down to the fact that I am no more than just a speck of dust, a drop in the bucket. It gets even worse when people sees you as no more than just a statistic, a number, a regular workforce or just a step that people can stand on to help them rise higher while you stay on the ground.

Oh, man, this talk about existence drains me out. I had a long day today. And, since this is just a personal rant, I think I could get a pass if I’m just sprouting nonsense, right? Yeah, let’s just assume so. Ciao!


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