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Book review: Charlie Brown and Friends: A Peanuts Collection, by Charles M. Schulz

Book cover from Goodreads

What began in the funny pages in 1950 has developed into an enduring classic. Whether you’re a fussbudget like Lucy, philosopher like Linus, Flying Ace like Snoopy, or a lovable loser like Charlie Brown, there is something to touch your heart or make you laugh in Peanuts.

Charles Schulz’s Peanuts is one of the most timeless and beloved comic strips ever. Now AMP! helps carry on that legacy with new collections of Peanuts classics focused around topics sure to resonate with middle-grade readers. Second in the series isCharlie Brown and Friends. Whether it’s the curious relationship between a bird, Woodstock, and a dog, Snoopy, or the never-ending crush that Peppermint Patty has on Charlie Brown, the gang’s interactions are what make Peanuts resonate with kids. (Goodreads).

What surprises me the most about reading this comic book is that it took a much longer time to finish than a much longer book. Well, let’s all blame it on endless amount of time spent on work and office. Gosh, how I hate my life now. But enough of me complaining, I’ve been doing that in all my other posts, this one is strictly book review. And speaking of book review, this is a very amusing comic book that I have got here. Not only the stories are amusing, but Charlie Brown is definitely an amusing character. I see myself in him, he is definitely my spirit animal. I had several post-its stuck to the pages of this comic book, marking each panels where Charlie Brown speaks as if on my behalf. I just hope that I am lovable as I am a loser, just like Charlie Brown.

Now speaking of Charlie Brown, who would not agree that he is a lovable loser? To be completely honest, I don’t think Charlie is a loser, Lucy made it seem like he’s a loser. Charlie, in my opinion, is just ahead of his own age. He thinks too complex for such a young and fragile mind, and he seems to go into the dark side, which I think resonates really well to people in their late 20s. The questions and the worries that Charlie poses are the kind of questions and worries I would pose now I’m reaching the end of my 20s. That being said, how can one not agree that Charlie Brown and his friends are as real as one could think of, and very much likeable, even the most annoying one, Lucy.

I wish I had bought more of these comic books while I saw them the last time I went to this cool bookstore in Seoul. Now, thinking of buying the rest of the comic books is as troublesome as to actually found one back home. Oh how I’m starting to feel wishy washy now that I am faced with adult’s problem as oppose to a grad student’s problem. Aside from that, I suggest that those whose going through a crisis of reaching a proper old age (passing your late 20s), go and have a visit  to the lovely world of Charlie Brown and Friends. It’s a blast, although a bit wishy washy.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️☆

Title: Charlie Brown and Friends: A Peanuts Collection

Author: Charlie M. Schulz

Genre: Comic Book, Fiction


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