Bali: In retrospect.

Just came back from a trip in Bali yesterday, and I have to be honest, Bali is not my favourite spot for a trip, business or pleasure. Wait! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that Bali is not a great place to spend your free time in. Sure, if you’re into beaches, surfing, yoga, zen places, and stuff. Wait, I guess I’m just not into adventuring and exploring places. Whatever. Point is, I just came back from Bali.

The last time I was there probably somewhere in late 2013 or early 2014, and to be completely honest, my trip to Bali has yet to be good memorable than bad memorable. Most of the times I’m in Bali is for business rather than pleasure, not that it made any difference, because I would rather be at the hotel rather than out there venturing what Bali has to offer. So, if by some weird chance, you stumble upon this post and think that this would be a travel post about Bali, I suggest that you should not hold your hopes up, because this ain’t that kind of post.

Bali for me has been a place where I would dress up like I’m in a wrong place at the wrong time (not like this is a rare thing to do). Picture this, sunny skies, blue sea, people sunbathing, and there I am with full-on business suit. Well, it’s not like I’m the only one, but that is Bali for me. It has only been for work, and it has never been a nice experience, until the latest trip.

Okay, let’s not jump the gun here. I’m not saying the latest trip to Bali was a nice trip or anything, it still wasn’t ideal and I’d rather be at home than in Bali (I know, I know, it made me sound like an ungrateful prick, but it is what it is). But, I learn something in 2015; when you detach yourself from your unfavourable surrounding (whatever it is), you tend to get your job done faster than when you put your mind into it (be it because you hate the job and you dread doing it or because you’re just such a perfectionist). And so, the whole Bali trip this time, I close off my mind and detach myself from everything, just taking myself one step at a time and be robot-like in terms of performing my job.

What do you know? Thursday can’t come sooner than I thought. Sure, there was some bump along the roads (i.e, sassy and unnecessary comments from your upper echelon, sore feet from high heels, sweaty shirt from my inappropriate attire in Bali, not getting enough time to hang out with friends because it’s always either you or them that’s too busy), but this was something that I had not think of during my other business trip before. Okay, for fear that I’m getting a stink eye, I actually was freaking out and got into a bit of an anxiety attack (okay, maybe not a bit, but quite a huge one) prior to leaving for Bali, but as I shut down all mechanism and went autopilot, it went faster than I had expected (emphasise on faster, it didn’t went easier, but I’m good with faster in the mean time).

Okay, where am I going with this? I guess I’m not going anywhere with it. I just want to see my four days in Bali in retrospect and see if I had learn anything in the process. And as weird as this might sound for other people, I did learn that when you shut down everything (mostly your emotion), you (and by you, I mean myself) can get your job done faster without any painful memories that last a lifetime (I am, after all, a man with vengeance).

And so, I hope I will not have another Bali trip in the mean time. I just want to get my mechanism back, but I’m not holding my hopes up because I’ll be on another business trip comes April, to Makassar, South Sulawesi. Let’s see what I can learn from that trip. Ciao!


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