Let it goooo~~~

A conversation with oneself in response to The Daily Post writing prompt, Conceal.

“conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know. well now they knoooowwww!!! Let it goooo…”

“Stop it! What is wrong with you? It’s ten PM. Some people are trying to sleep, you know? Also, what’s with the song choice? Let it go? Really? It’s 2016! Let. It. Go! Let the freaking song go, please.”

“wow, you sure feisty for someone who’s about to go to sleep. don’t blame me, blame it on the prompt. the thing says conceal, what am i suppose to do but sing the song?”

“Err I don’t know, maybe conceal your need to sing the song?”

“okay am I missing something right now? this is the second time you’re being very sensitive. wait! don’t tell me! I’m guessing this is work related?”

“Ha..ha funny.”

“it is about work.”

“It always is, isn’t it. But, weird this is, at this point I no longer know what I’m complaining about. I feel like I couldn’t even properly think how to complain. It’s work, what more to say about it? What more can I complain about it?”

“here’s something you can complain about, the people you work with. oh my God, it’s still fresh in my mind how pissed you were this afternoon and how hard, while also noting how good you are, at concealing those emotions. see what I did there? conceal? match the prompt, right?”

“Oh my God, is this your sad attempt at trying to make me feel better from today’s long and hard day? And don’t you dare try to make some sexual innuendo!”

“okay, didn’t really work in making you feel better but at least i took your mind off of it for just a wee bit while, right?”

“Okay, considering this is our bed time and most likely we’ll woke up late again tomorrow, I’m just going to say that I’m tired of complaining. I just want next week to be over. I want to get everything over and done with.”

“don’t we all?”

“In the mean time, it’s best that we try our best concealing how we loathe coming to work. See? I can also incorporate today’s prompt in my speech?”


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