there’s always two sides to every story.

A conversation with oneself in response to The Daily Post writing prompt, Newspaper.

oh man, i miss the feel of reading a newspaper. why are we not subscribing to a newspaper? remind me again.

“Because we consider it as an unnecessary expense, especially when we can get news directly from the internet.”

yeah, but it can get tiring isn’t it? reading from a screen? i think i need new glasses now.

“Reading news from the internet is much more tiring for the brain than the eyes, don’t you think?”

i so totally get what you mean. have you seen those sad excuses of news that people post on their Facebook walls? i’m no journalist, but i can tell that that’s not even legit news. i can’t believe people bought that as news. the title in itself is just too pathetic to even be passed off as a proper news title, then when you read the news. oh Lord. it’s just series of one own’s personal speculation of things. or, worse, a compilation of much more speculations and/or outdated news that got recycled. and this is the basic stuff, the grammar is just awful. do people honestly think, grammatically wrong articles that is obviously were not proof read yet, can be taken as a serious and worthy news? ugh, this irks me to no end.

“Hence why we don’t go and read news that much, do we?”

yeah, but don’t you feel like you kind of miss the good old days where you knew that the majority of news that people talk about are proper news instead of just these sad excuses?

“It’s kind of hard to miss it, because even major news portal or major news media themselves starts to publish news that way. All in the name of generating clicks.”

“with what price? the price of our own peoples’s intelligence.”

“Media have and always will be a double edge sword. You need it, but when you can’t properly control, for the lack of better word, it can seized you into nothingness. It’ll pump information to your brain whether or not you need it. It’s just like that theory, isn’t it? The hypodermic needle theory? Or do you think Agenda Setting theory is much more applicable in this situation? What do you think?”

“you know what i think? it don’t matter what theory you use, you just need to be your own filter. media is a crazy place to be. when people starts leaving newspaper for a more instant and fast access news through the internet, that’s when those trashy news starts popping out. because it became easier for them to distribute, for the lack of better word, their so-called news to the masses. before, it ain’t easy being those lame ass news portal, because they have to compete with major print newspapers. oh, hell, where am i going with this?”

“Oh well, let’s just stop here before our delicate and fragile brain explode from overthinking. Don’t you think we still have tons of paperwork to do now?”

“you betcha.”


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