Glowing Cilacap.

Oh hello there! It feels like it’s been ages since I post something (exaggerating much?). Apparently I have been a 28 year old woman for about a week or so. I’m still reeling from all the craziness that I am an actual living, breathing, walking human being for 28 years! Take that in for a moment. Take that thought with you when you have your next birthday, then you’ll understand the significance of your birthday, how it is more than just all celebration and blowing candles or what have you.

Well enough about birthday. Now, let me tell you a story of where I’ve been the past week. I had another business trip which I’m still debating whether or not I should be excited about it. This business trip requires me to go to a regency in Central Java, Indonesia, by the name of Cilacap. I can go there by bus, train, or plane (!!). Obviously, a plane seems like a reasonable mode of transportation. I’ve been told that I will have to ride on a small aircraft; in this case it’s a Cessna 208 Caravan (which to me is all just gibberish). I really couldn’t care less what type of airplane it would be, so long as it’s something I’ve never tried before. Lo and behold, I rode along on a Cessna 208 Caravan, which I’m so stoke about. I took tons of pictures and videos (not to mention many of failed attempts on selfies). On hindsight, the plane ride was what made the whole business trip worth a bit while, as oppose to the work itself (it always is, isn’t it?)

Now, what can I say about Cilacap? I can tell you that their slogan happens to be Cilacap Bercahaya whih I loosely translate as Glowing Cilacap, for lack of better translation. I can’t tell you much about Cilacap for I was only there for two nights and I didn’t have that much time to go around (blame that on my excessive need to get a nap). But, here’s one highlight. One night, as I was going to bed, I decide to brush my teeth first. I open the bathroom door….BAM BAM! Two freaking cockroaches were dancing on the freaking basin!!! TWO. FREAKING. COCKROACHES. DANCING. ON. THE. FREAKING. BASIN!!! The exact same basin where I was going to brush my teeth! Aggh! Simply put, I murder those cockroaches. <insert generic evil laughter here>.

Also, my nook just reboot itself, causing me to lose all my books in it. Normally I would have been super chill about this, I mean I could just plug my nook to my laptop and just put everything back to its place, but I DIDN’T BRING MY LAPTOP TO CILACAP!! So, I was left to my ow devices, which ironically contains nothing!

ps. I might upload some of those picture and videos taken on board the Cessna to my instagram sometime in the future. Do not worry, for my failed attempt selfie will not be uploaded as it will not live to see the sun anyway.



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