I’m living on borrowed time.

“An uncertain and usually uncontrolled postponement of something inevitable.”

“you mean ‘our life’? it basically that, isn’t it?”

“Kind of. What’s certain about life, anyway? And it’s not like the majority of things are controllable.”

“would that made death as the inevitable, then?”

“I definitely see it that way.”

“do you find it troublesome that we’re talking about death while we just turned 28 a couple of days ago?”

“Nope, death has been a topic that we both enjoyed talking about, right? The mystery of it all.”

“i’m living on borrowed time. yeah, i think that will be my answer if and when people asked me about my plan for the future.”

“That surely kicks those nosey people right on their guts, don’t you think?”

“it’s not like i want them to be asking about my plan anyway.”

“On hindsight, I should have just said that when people were questioning me about when am I going to get married, or how is it at 28 I don’t have a kid of my own or why I seem to not be perturbed by the lack of an offspring in tow. What’s a girl gotta do when she’s living on borrowed time?”

“i like this saying. borrowed time. we all are living on borrowed time.”

A conversation with oneself in response to The Daily Post writing prompt, Borrowed.


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