Take a walk in the park.

Take a walk. Take a stroll. Go for a jog. Just go. Don’t you just wished that there have been more parks? You know, just to sit around the benches with a good book and music? Or a walk in the park when your head is full with too many worldly business? Or am I holding too much on the perfect romantic ideas of parks, like the one I see in movies? Maybe parks are not that magical. Maybe it’s only magical because I have not seen that many parks before. Or maybe, I just like to have things to blame if I’m feeling tired with life and get all cranky. Who am I kidding? I’d rather be a sea cucumber than actually go out and sit on a bench in a park and went home all sweaty.

But, maybe my outlook will change had I been given enough parks to explore the possibility that I would enjoy a stroll in a park. I used to hate going out of the house alone. Not for fear of being abducted (although that could be a contributing factor as to why I oppose of going out alone), but for fear of looking weird. I also don’t eat out alone. And although I consider sitting in a coffee shop with a good book as somewhat of a romantic thing, I would never have done anything like that.

Lo and behold, I did all of those things, and it’s not as bad as I would have thought. Sure, it felt awkward the first few steps of going out alone. But the freedom it entails, the feeling of being anonymous, the lightness of your footsteps as your iPod chose the perfect soundtrack for your big day out on your own; that beats the fear of going out alone in the first place. Eating out alone is not all bad anyway; I get to enjoy my food better, for I don’t have to be distracted by the commotion and the conversation and the need to be included in all topics amongst friends. Here I save the best for last, reading a good book on your own in a coffee shop. I had spent a good deal of my last remaining days in Seoul by frequenting a local coffee shop close to the campus’ library. Nothing special there, I don’t even their coffee. But I would go there anyway, armed myself with a good book, a nice noise reduction headphone, a laptop occasionally, and just spent the whole day on the nook of the coffee shop with my book and my music.

Okay, where am I going with this? Oh, well it all started with me hoping to have more parks so I can spend more time outdoor as oppose to being at home most of the time. And it turned out to sound a lot like I was complaining and reminiscing about life in Seoul. Although it did took me by surprise that I kind of miss Seoul, at least I’m not writing about my sad and boring work life; so that’s an improvement, right? Let’s just say it is.

A personal rant in response to The Daily Post writing prompt, Stroll.


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