chaos is the world’s middle name.

“we sure do live in a chaotic world, don’t we?”

“What iginites you to have this conversation?”

“a mere couple of days ago, i saw a friend cyber bullying a girl. just because this girl sent her cv to my friend through an email, and the girl wrote no subject nor any body text. the girl just basically sent her cv.”

“Was this girl applying for a job?”

“from what i can concur from my friend’s tweet, the girl was definitely applying for a job at the company my friend was working in.”


“sure, that was some pretty idiotic move. you don’t just send your cv through an email without so much as a proper email subject and a body text, possibly containing your introduction. but i don’t think the girl deserves to be bullied.”

“What happened?”

“well my friend screen shot her email which contains a bit of this girl’s cv and then she tweet it. basically my friend’s followers can see some of this girl’s identity. i think that was pretty mean, and it means quite a lot coming from someone like me. i’m known to be mean, but i don’t think i would have the heart to do something like that. i’m not going to lie, i’ve probably done something like that in the past, but now i know better that that’s not funny. that’s just mean. and that constitutes as cyber bullying, right?”

“Did you do anything about it?”

“i tweet back to my friend. told her about she should have at least blurred out the photo and the girl’s identity. she tweet me back saying that what she did was okay. i was pissed i decided that she no longer my friend. don’t she know that that’s bullying? bullying has been considered somewhat acceptable lately. how could someone look sideways on issues like that? how chaotic has our life now? how distorted things are.”

“Wow, you’re incredibly bummed about this, aren’t you?”

“quite possibly. then this morning another friend retweet a tweet that says something about girls that don’t care about their appearances  are insecure and/or inferior. i was legit pissed at that point. not only for the accusation itself, but at these stupid remarks that people, mostly women themselves, made about other women. why do they care so much? it’s bad enough that men look down upon women, do women really need fellow women to bring other women down too? The so called tweet originally was from a user that supposedly tweets ‘encouraging’ tweets for women. pfft, encouraging tweets for women, my arse. if that tweet is any indication, i can’t see what kind of encouragement its trying to convey. and then a fellow women retweet that tweet? and agreeing to that? i mean, you’re entitled to have your own opinion, i just can’t believe you would bring other women down in a chaotic world where women is always less than men, at least the majority of times.”

“I have nothing to say about that. Not because I don’t know what to say, but I think you’ve pretty much summed up what I think about that kind of thing. What’s the nextr thing that upsets you?”

“the knowledge that guys work their butts’ off because they want to give a comfortable life for thei future wife. although that’s admirable, but don’t you want to at least ask what the girl wants first? why you gone and assume that these future wives of yours would stop working the minute they’re married to you? i think that’s just somewhat sexist and quite a machismo thinking.”

“Yeah, I feel like a punching a guy friend who said something like this to me the other day.”

“and don’t get me started with what’s on the news. it’s just a constant stream of horrible, grim , and dark news. day in and day out. sure, there’s a bit of nice and good news here and there, but mostly are just depressing news. how do you cope daily when you’re bombarded with stuffs like that?”

“I guess you just switch yourself off. Pretend like there’s no such thing as bad news by not reading any news whatsoever.”

“oh, and to make matters worst, whatever is going to happen now that Rickon Stark was sent as a gift to that sick Ramsay Bolton. I mean, Iwan Rheon is great and all portraying someone like Ramsay, but man, Ramsay is a creep.”

“Were you just referring to Game of Thrones as one of the example of how chaotic life is?”

“yeah, why? like it’s not a legit claim? the kid was missing for the whole entire season 5, the kid shows up on the third episode of season 6 captured and being sent as a gift to a sick twisted bastard like Ramsay. surely that’s chaotic if you ask the kid.”

“Yeah, I’m just going to pretend we’re not discussing about Game of Thrones.”

A conversation with oneself in response to The Daily Post writing prompt, Chaos.


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