chill, it’s just a phase.

Happy birthday, little brother!

Crazy! You’re 25 years old. I wonder what I was up to at 25. I think I was pretty much too preoccupied by getting into my angsty phase 2.0. I was busy hating on life and crying out why my life is such a failure. To my defence, that could be pretty much my quarter life crisis (let’s just say so, shall we?). And, maybe, that’s what you’re going through right now. I don’t know if quarter life crisis is a thing, but if old dude can get away with mid life crisis, surely we could get away with that.

I don’t know if birthday is your thing, but I want you to know that birthday or no birthday, I will always be by your side. I may not around much, but know that you can count on me when you it need to be. I know my birthday wishes were lame this morning, but that’s because I know you don’t need birthday wishes. You just want to be left alone and so I will let you be.

I can’t promise you that life is going to be better, or if things are going to be worth it in the future, because it all depends on how you live and view your life. All I can say is, don’t give up, yet. I don’t know until when one can keep on fighting the currents, but never retract from hands that offer you help.

If ever you asked my opinion about life after 25, all I can say is the majority of time, things are just going to get even more complicated. You’ll be spending your days cursing the choices you made when you’re younger. You’ll be drowning in adult’s responsibilities, of which you’ve never asked for. You’ll be so tired everyday that you felt like you’re a decade older than your actual age. And trust me, even as I am typing this, I can assure you maybe none of those things are worth it. Maybe none of the things in life had any worth anyway.

But I want you to know, remember and think deeply anytime you feel like life became too hard to handle, that you’ll always have your two lame sisters around. We’ve been together all our life, maybe not all the time, but we’ve gone through a lot of things together. I hope that we can keep going through things together. I want that.

Little brother, even though you are 25 now, and you’ll only going to get older from now on, you’ll always be my baby bro. I’ll always fight for you, whether you asked for it or not. My loyalty is with you. You should know that much. But life can be complicated sometimes, and maybe you can’t see my loyalty clearly, but it has always been you and me, brother. Ever since I realised that I have a baby brother, I knew I would want to only protect you.

Maybe all of the things I’ve said are just mumbo jumbo to you (and to some extent, it maybe is), but I meant everything I’ve said typed. If life at 25 is hard for you, know that it’s only going to get harder next year and the year after that and so on. But those things are just phases that we all go through. At some point, it’ll stop getting harder, and you’ll see some change in it, and just for a moment you’ll enjoy it. I don’t know how much you can actually enjoy the small changes, but that’ll be your mark that there’s a new phase brewing, waiting for you.

So, remember, it’s just a phase. It’s not like there’s a monster under your bed.

And so, I conclude my sloppy letter to you by once again congratulating you to the quarter life crisis. What could get any better than this?

Cheers, little brother!

Personal rant in response to The Daily Post writing prompt, Phase.


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