i found goodness in the most unexpected place

Today, I’m going to tell you of  my most dramatic day (to date). This happens last Saturday. Elvis was still sick; I mean she had overcame her flu (yay!), but she now has an ear-infection and that can only mean one thing, weekend trip to the vet! I swear, Elvis is hating on me more and more thanks to these weekend visits to the vet, but it’s not like I am given with other options. So, this is what happened.

No one can accompany me to take Elvis to the vet, so that leaves the both of us on this evening drive to the vet. I couldn’t really let Elvis roam around freely inside the car without someone else making sure that she’s not doing incredibly annoying things a cat can do (don’t get me wrong, I love Elvis but who wants to be cleaning cat piss inside your car, am I right?). That leaves me to lock Elvis in her carrier, but I put her next to me so she can at least enjoy the view (Elvis is crazy about driving in a car, she LOVES it). Obviously, what’s a weekend without traffic jam? Lo and behold, Elvis got a tad bit cranky (obviously, I’m just downplaying the fact that Elvis is actually super pissed about being lock in her carrier) about the whole trip. It didn’t get any better when she realised I was taking her to the vet. Oh man, did she went uber pissed at me.

Okay, now moving on to her check up. The vet said that her left ear was having an infection, and that explains why she’s losing some of her fur near her left ear. The vet suspects that Elvis was trying to scratch her itchy ear but was unable to do so, and instead she just scratch the back of her ear over and over again, resulting in that sad and ugly bald patch. So the vet wanted to clean her ear first, and Elvis put up one hell of a fight. Put it this way, Elvis is nine years old, and that’s pretty damn old in cat age, not to mention she’s one lazy bum. But, comes the vet visit, and she’s like crazy fit and strong and just basically fierce! Okay, jokes aside, that was the second worst vet visit I’ve ever had. Because Elvis was clearly in pain, she didn’t like the fact that some stranger was poking around her ears, then she had to be put in a suit to prevent her from clawing the nurse who’s holding her down. I had to brace my fear and my sadness, just so Elvis can have a clean ear. It was the most unpleasant thing to have ever happened in 2016, by far!

Well, the battle has passed and I rush to hug Elvis. I was at the brink of my tears, but my ego is larger than my gigantic tummy, so obviously I’m not planning on crying in public. Again, Elvis was given prescriptions and I had to go on another journey trying to find which pharmacy that actually is able to make the prescription. Surprise, surprise, apparently there’s a pharmacy that actually make all kinds of prescriptions for animals! And it’s literally across the street from where the vet is (ha! Why am I not surprise at my lack of knowing basic information like that?)

Now, the problem with this pharmacy is that the parking lot is super tight! Like super tight and on that day, it was jam with other cars before me. Since I’m going solo (we’re all aware that of course Elvis couldn’t drive the car, right?), I had to got off the car, dash towards the pharmacy, left the prescriptions and told the lady at the counter that I’ll be back in about 20 minutes or so, just to go around the block since I can’t park my car. What I plan as a 20 minutes run around, ends up being a 45 minutes run around thanks to the traffic. But, before we went there, we must acknowledge the fact that the parking space is tight af. I can’t move my car without possibly scratching the car around me. I needed someone to guide me through, because (1) the car was just big and (2) I just can’t multi task. The problem with that is who can help me?

Here’s what had happened. As I was struggling going back and forth in my car, there are two bloke literally sitting across from my car and it seems to me that instead of helping me, they seem to be having more fun seeing me in distress. What a good for nothing bloke, am I right? So, what am I suppose to do, when there’s a perfectly capable men but are unwilling to help me? Make no mistake, that I am also socially anxious, I don’t talk to strangers. Even talking with Elvis’ vet and the lady at the pharmacy is draining out my life source. But, desperate time calls for desperate measures. And so, I holler at this good natured looking man that passes by. Thankfully he turns around, and so I sheepishly asked for his assistance to help me park my way out of that parking lot. You know what? He actually was willing to help! And he was helping me with a smile, like it’s not a big deal. He was helping me lile I’m not this annoying stranger who had intrude his walking to wherever it is that he was going to.

And that, my friends, is how I found goodness in the most unexpected place. If you ever live in Indonesia, especially in its big cities, it is almost common knowledge that when you’re on the street, the way of life is to each their own. It’s a rarity for someone to actually stop whatever it is that they’re doing to offer a help for someone else. But, hey, I might be wrong, because I’m only alive for 28 years and not all of those 28 years were spent in Indonesia. Bottom line is, humans can be mean but don’t give up just yet. You might stumble upon some good souls out there. Just like that one time someone found my phone and kept it until I came to fetch it, or that one other time I left my phone and the good hearted Uber driver actually drove back to my house to return my phone. I know that the horrible things in life can outnumbered the good, but it doesn’t mean all is bad, right? Let’s just say so.


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